Press Releases

June 2013

Date Title
6/10/13 Feinstein: Label Food Packaging that Contains BPA
6/7/13 Feinstein, McCain, McDonough Statement on Guantanamo
6/7/13 Feinstein Statement on Closure of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
6/6/13 Feinstein, Chambliss Statement on NSA Phone Records Program
6/5/13 Feinstein Statement on Changes to President’s National Security Team
6/4/13 Feinstein, Schiff Announce U.S. Forest Service Night-Flying Helicopters
6/3/13 Feinstein to FDA: Ensure Access to Safe, Effective Sunscreen Products

May 2013

Date Title
5/23/13 Feinstein Statement on President Obama’s Terrorism Speech
5/21/13 Feinstein Applauds Committee Passage of Immigration Reform Bill
5/20/13 Feinstein, McCain: End Taxpayer Subsidies for Tobacco Insurance
5/20/13 West Coast Senators: Energy Swap Markets Continue to Avoid Oversight
5/20/13 Feinstein: ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Sexual Assault, Violence in Armed Forces
5/16/13 Feinstein on Benghazi Accountability Review Board, Embassy Security
5/15/13 Feinstein Statement on Confirmation of William Orrick

April 2013

Date Title
4/30/13 Feinstein on Departure of Deputy Secretary of the Interior David Hayes
4/29/13 Feinstein to CFTC, FERC: Resolve Disputes on Energy Market Oversight
4/25/13 Feinstein Statement on Syria
4/25/13 Feinstein Urges Obama Admin to Transfer Cleared Guantanamo Detainees
4/25/13 Feinstein, Senators Release Discussion Draft of Nuclear Waste Legislation
4/25/13 Feinstein Bill Sets National Standards for Egg Industry
4/25/13 Feinstein, Grassley Report on Strengthening Anti-Money Laundering Practices
4/23/13 Feinstein Introduces Bill to Expand Yosemite’s Western Boundary
4/19/13 Feinstein Statement on Immigration Reform
4/17/13 Feinstein Statement on Assault Weapons Ban Amendment
4/16/13 Feinstein on Constitution Project Task Force on Detainee Treatment