Press Releases

June 2017

Date Title
6/9/17 Feinstein: Section 702 Reauthorization Important, Needs Changes
6/9/17 Feinstein: Judiciary Should Investigate All Matters Related to Obstruction of Justice
6/7/17 Senators Introduce Legislation to Improve Affordable Care Act, Make Coverage More Affordable for Middle-Class Families
6/7/17 Feinstein on Iran Sanctions Vote
6/6/17 Feinstein: Trump Nominee Should Recuse Himself from Cadiz Water Project
6/2/17 Feinstein Statement on Intelligence Chairman Demanding Return of Torture Report Copies
6/1/17 Feinstein: President’s Decision to Leave Paris Climate Agreement Weakens Our Nation

May 2017

Date Title
5/31/17 Feinstein: Climate Change Retreat Would Be a Reckless Mistake
5/25/17 Feinstein, Lee, Blumenthal, Cotton Introduce Bill to Protect State, Local Authority on Drones
5/25/17 Feinstein Continues to Work to Reunite Filipino World War II Veterans with Their Families
5/25/17 Feinstein Supports Vote-by-Mail Bill to Fight Growing Tide of Voter Suppression
5/25/17 House of Representatives Passes Bill to Prevent Sexual Abuse in Olympic Sports
5/25/17 Feinstein, Grassley Introduce Bill to Expand Research into Medical Benefits of Cannabidiol and Marijuana
5/24/17 Setting the record straight on judicial nominees and blue slip
5/24/17 Feinstein Introduces Bill to Keep Guns from Individuals with Severe Mental Illness
5/24/17 Feinstein: Republican Health Care Plan Would Devastate Families
5/24/17 Senate Demorats Urge President Trump Not To Withdraw From Paris Climate Agreement
5/24/17 Top Committee Democrats Urge President Trump To Immediately Clarify Why Administration Is Obstructing Congress’ Constitutional Legislative and Oversight Duties
5/24/17 Feinstein to Zinke: Don’t Let Cadiz Destroy Pristine Desert
5/22/17 Feinstein Statement on Protected Status for Haitians
5/22/17 Feinstein on Flynn Decision to Invoke Fifth Amendment Rights
5/22/17 Senators to Trump Administration: Cutting Off Funding for Transit Projects Threatens Jobs and Stifles Economy
5/22/17 Feinstein on Approval of Caltrain Electrification Project Grant
5/18/17 Feinstein Speaks on Comey Firing, Judiciary Committee Investigation
5/18/17 Feinstein, McCain Condemn Turkish Security’s Attack on Peaceful Protesters