Press Releases

February 2017

Date Title
2/14/17 Feinstein: Too Many Questions Remain Unanswered about Flynn Resignation
2/13/17 Feinstein Opposes Steven Mnuchin Confirmation
2/13/17 Feinstein Reintroduces Bill to Protect Habitat Along Santa Ana River
2/13/17 Feinstein Supports Shulkin Nomination
2/13/17 Senators Call for Disaster Declaration After California Storms
2/13/17 Feinstein Opposes Bill to Weaken Gun Background Checks
2/10/17 Feinstein Statement on Reports of Immigration Raids
2/8/17 Leading Senators Demand Answers About Outrageous Price Hike For Lifesaving Anti-Opioid Drug
2/8/17 Feinstein Votes ‘No’ On Jeff Sessions Attorney General Nomination
2/8/17 Feinstein: Republicans Shutting Down Senator Warren ‘Indefensible’
2/8/17 Feinstein Opposes Price Nomination
2/7/17 Feinstein: Israeli Bill Dramatic Step Away From Peace
2/7/17 Feinstein Joins 26 Senators to Reintroduce Family Act
2/7/17 Feinstein Opposes DeVos Nomination
2/6/17 Feinstein Supports In-depth Aliso Canyon Safety Analysis
2/3/17 Feinstein, Grassley Introduce Legislation to Eliminate Troubled EB-5 Investor Visa Program
2/3/17 Senators Urge President Trump to Remain Committed to Fighting Opioid Crisis
2/3/17 Ranking Members Urge Secretary of Defense, CIA Director to Oppose Return to Ineffective, Immoral Torture Policies
2/2/17 Feinstein Opposes DeVos Nomination
2/2/17 Senators Introduce Legislation to Codify Membership on National Security Council
2/1/17 Feinstein Opposes Rex Tillerson Confirmation

January 2017

Date Title
1/31/17 Feinstein on Supreme Court Nominee
1/31/17 Feinstein: ‘I Must Vote No’ on Sessions
1/30/17 Senate Judiciary Members: Is the Justice Department Doing its Job to Review Trump’s Executive Orders?
1/30/17 Feinstein, Colleagues Introduce Bill to Rescind Discriminatory Order on Immigration, Refugees