Press Releases

March 2017

Date Title
3/28/17 Feinstein, Harris Reintroduce Bill to Establish Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta National Heritage Area
3/28/17 Feinstein Stands with California Immigrant Families
3/28/17 Feinstein Opposes Order to Overturn Federal Climate Actions
3/28/17 Feinstein, Grassley Introduce Bill to Combat Candy and Fruit Flavored Drugs Marketed to Children
3/27/17 Senators Call on USA Hockey to Treat Women's National Hockey Team Fairly
3/24/17 Silicon Valley Leaders to White House: Release Caltrain Electrification Grant
3/24/17 Feinstein Opposes Keystone XL Pipeline
3/23/17 Feinstein Opposes Bill Overturning FCC Consumer Privacy Rules
3/23/17 Feinstein Opposes Friedman Nomination
3/22/17 Feinstein: Republican Medicaid Changes Would Devastate California
3/20/17 Feinstein Speaks at Supreme Court Nomination Hearing
3/20/17 Feinstein: Comey Testimony Reinforces Need for Thorough Investigation
3/16/17 Feinstein: President’s Budget is an Absolute Travesty for California
3/16/17 Feinstein: Trump Budget Puts Border Wall Ahead of Local Law Enforcement
3/16/17 Feinstein: Corporate Tax Reform Should Support American Workers
3/16/17 Feinstein: President’s Budget Undermines Critical Energy and Water Investments
3/16/17 Members of Congress Call for Ending Antibiotic Overuse in Agriculture
3/15/17 Feinstein, Collins Introduce Bill to Combat Antibiotic Resistance
3/15/17 Feinstein Opposes Weakening Vehicle Pollution Standards
3/15/17 Feinstein: Russia Must Be Held Accountable for Cyberattacks
3/15/17 Feinstein: GOP Health Care Plan Would Hurt California Women
3/15/17 Feinstein Applauds Agreement to Build Homeless Veteran Housing at West LA VA
3/15/17 Feinstein: Immigrant Families Must be Treated Humanely
3/14/17 Feinstein, Portman, Stivers, Loebsack Introduce Bill to Help Homeless Children and Youth
3/14/17 Senators Reject Call for New Nuclear Weapons, Ending Nuclear Testing Ban