Press Releases

July 2016

Date Title
7/13/16 Senators Urge Investigation into Commercial Use of Short-Term Lodging Rentals
7/12/16 Feinstein Statement on South China Sea Ruling
7/8/16 Feinstein Statement on Week’s Deadly Shootings
7/6/16 National GMO Labeling Bill is Important First Step
7/5/16 Feinstein Statement on FBI Email Review
7/1/16 Feinstein Statement on Temperance Flat Reservoir Agreement
7/1/16 Feinstein Statement on Release of Drone Strike Data

June 2016

Date Title
6/30/16 Senators Call on Banking Committee to hold vote on Ex-IM Bank Board Nominee
6/28/16 Feinstein: House Benghazi Report ‘Shameful’
6/27/16 Feinstein Statement on Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt
6/23/16 Fact Check: Feinstein ‘Terror Gap’ Amendment Includes Due Process Safeguards
6/23/16 Feinstein Statement on United States v. Texas
6/23/16 Feinstein Statement on Collins Amendment
6/23/16 Fact Check: FBI Terrorist Screening Database is 99.5% Foreign Nationals
6/21/16 Feinstein Statement on Closing Diablo Canyon
6/21/16 Feinstein Congratulates Portman, Cavaliers on NBA Finals Victory
6/21/16 Feinstein Introduces Bill to Protect Habitat Along Santa Ana River
6/20/16 Feinstein Remarks on No Guns for Terrorists Vote
6/20/16 Feinstein, Colleagues Call on Air Force to Delay Retiring U-2 Spy Plane
6/15/16 Feinstein Amendment Would Stop Terrorists from Buying Weapons
6/15/16 Senators Call for Protections for Communities from Crude Oil on Rail
6/15/16 GAO: 91 Percent on Terrorist Watch List Pass Firearm Background Checks
6/14/16 Feinstein Statement on Assault Weapon in Orlando Terrorist Attack
6/13/16 PIPES Act Passes Senate, Heads to President’s Desk
6/12/16 Feinstein Statement on Orlando Terrorist Attack