Press Releases

October 2015

Date Title
10/15/15 Feinstein Supports Afghanistan Troop Decision
10/8/15 Senate Passes Bill to Combat Transnational Drug Trafficking
10/8/15 Feinstein Testifies in Support of Drought-Relief Bill
10/8/15 Feinstein Speaks on Need to Take Action to Reduce Gun Violence
10/8/15 Feinstein: Reckless Consumer Drone Use Threatens Public Safety in California
10/8/15 Feinstein Remarks on Appropriations Process
10/8/15 Senators Introduce Bill to Extend Successful D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program
10/7/15 Bill Introduced to Protect Pacific Coast from Offshore Drilling
10/7/15 Feinstein Hails Congressional Passage of Anti-Torture Legislation
10/6/15 Feinstein to Host Public Meeting on Proposed Desert Monument Designations
10/6/15 Senate Democrats Question Political Nature of Planned Parenthood Oversight
10/5/15 Feinstein Applauds Senate Approval of Drozd Nomination
10/5/15 Feinstein Statement on Signing of California Right to Die Legislation
10/2/15 Feinstein, Burr Call for Passage of Cybersecurity Bill
10/1/15 Feinstein Statement on Oregon Shooting
10/1/15 Feinstein Introduces Bill to Support Underserved Communities
10/1/15 Feinstein Statement on Attack on Planned Parenthood in California

September 2015

Date Title
9/30/15 Feinstein Announces Congressional Approval for California VA Seismic Safety Projects
9/29/15 Senators Urge President to Bring Justice to Wrongfully Convicted Sailors
9/25/15 Feinstein Supports Transfer of Shaker Aamer to U.K.
9/25/15 Feinstein Statement on Cyber Agreement with China
9/24/15 Feinstein Applauds Federal Funds to L.A. County Sheriff to Combat Trafficking
9/24/15 Feinstein Remarks in Support of Planned Parenthood
9/23/15 Feinstein Joins Women Senators on #FreeThe20 Resolution
9/23/15 Senate Passes Bill to Reauthorize Breast Cancer Research Stamp