Press Releases

February 2008

Date Title
2/12/08 Senator Feinstein Votes Against Senate FISA Bill
2/12/08 Senate Approves Feinstein Legislation to Ensure Retailers Comply with Combat Meth Act Requirements
2/12/08 Chairman Feinstein, Senator Specter Introduce Measure to Regulate Robocalls
2/11/08 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein on the passing of Representative Tom Lantos
2/8/08 Senator Feinstein Urges DNI McConnell to Provide Transcript of New Yorker Interview on Waterboarding
2/8/08 Feinstein, Akaka, Dicks and Grijalva Urge Interior Secretary to Retain Reagen-Era Restrictions on Loaded Firearms in America’s Natonal Parks and Wildlife Refuges
2/7/08 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein on Senate Passage of the Economic Stimulus Package
2/7/08 Senator Feinstein Calls on Coast Guard to Improve Preparedness and Recovery Plans in Wake of Cosco Busan Oil Spill
2/6/08 Senator Feinstein Asks Attorney General Mukasey Whether Using CIA Contract Employees in Coercive Interrogations Violates U.S. Law
2/6/08 Senators Feinstein and Martinez Introduce Legislation to Create Federal Registry and National Standards for Mortgage Brokers and Lenders
2/5/08 Feinstein Letter to the Editor of Politico
2/4/08 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein On President Bush’s FY 09 Budget Request
2/1/08 Senator Feinstein Introduces Legislation to Increase Reimbursements to State and Local Governments for Costs of Incarcerating Criminal Aliens

January 2008

Date Title
1/31/08 Emergency Funding Secured by Senator Feinstein and Representative Lewis Leads to $93 Million for U.S. Forest Service Fire Prevention and Recovery Projects in California
1/31/08 Senator Feinstein Finds Westland’s Meat Packing Case ‘Appalling’
1/30/08 Senator Feinstein Calls for Restoring Byrne Justice Assistance Grants For State and Local Law Enforcement
1/30/08 House Unanimously Approves Feinstein-Boxer Legislation to Honor Staff Sergeant Pierce in Taft, CA
1/28/08 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein on President Bush’s State of the Union Address
1/28/08 Senator Feinstein Expresses Disappointment in Coast Guard Report on Cosco Busan Incident; Announces Plans to Introduce Legislation to Improve Federal Response and Recovery Efforts for Oil Spills
1/25/08 Senator Snowe Agrees to Cosponsor Feinstein Measure to Establish Federal Oversight for New Carbon Markets
1/25/08 Senator Feinstein Urges EPA to Promptly Complete Work on Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions
1/24/08 Statement of Senator Feinstein on the Economic Stimulus Package
1/24/08 Senators Boxer and Feinstein Introduce Measure to Overturn EPA’s Denial of California’s Clean Air Act Waiver
1/23/08 Senator Feinstein Discusses Two Amendments to FISA Bill On Exclusivity and Independent Judicial Review
1/23/08 Senator Feinstein Introduces Legislation Requiring Credit Card Companies to Inform Consumers of the Costs of Paying Only the Monthly Minimum Payment