Press Releases

December 2015

Date Title
12/18/15 Feinstein Statement on Omnibus Spending Bill
12/17/15 Chiefs of Police Support Bill to Prevent Terrorists from Buying Weapons
12/16/15 Feinstein Statement on Cybersecurity Information-Sharing Agreement
12/16/15 Feinstein Statement on Visa Waiver Provisions in Omnibus
12/16/15 Senators Introduce Legislation to Honor Heroes Killed in Benghazi Attacks
12/16/15 Post Office Sells 1 Billionth Breast Cancer Research Stamp
12/11/15 Feinstein Statement on California Water Bill
12/10/15 American Cancer Society Endorses Personal Care Products Safety Act
12/9/15 Feinstein Supports Bill to Reform K-12 Education
12/9/15 Feinstein Statement on Anniversary of Torture Report
12/8/15 Bill Would Require Tech Companies to Report Online Terrorist Activity
12/4/15 Feinstein, Colleagues Urge Repeal of Country of Origin Labeling
12/4/15 Feinstein Statement on California Water Negotiations
12/3/15 Feinstein Statement on IAEA Iran Report
12/3/15 Feinstein Statement on Republican Budget Reconciliation Bill
12/3/15 Feinstein: ‘If You’re Too Dangerous to Board a Plane, You’re Too Dangerous to Buy a Gun’
12/2/15 Feinstein Statement on San Bernardino Shooting
12/1/15 Feinstein, Flake Introduce Bill to Strengthen Visa Waiver Program
12/1/15 Congress Approves Extension of Breast Cancer Research Stamp
12/1/15 Feinstein Statement on Visa Waiver Reforms

November 2015

Date Title
11/25/15 Feinstein Statement on Enactment of Anti-Torture Legislation
11/19/15 Feinstein Urges Prioritization of Seismic Safety Upgrades at VA Facilities
11/19/15 Feinstein Statement on Opening of L.A. County Human Trafficking Task Force
11/19/15 Feinstein on Visa Waiver Program, No Guns for Terrorists Legislation
11/18/15 Senators Request Report on Effectiveness of Gun Safety Programs