Press Releases

October 2015

Date Title
10/29/15 Feinstein Joins Bill to Increase Access to Prenatal and Maternity Care
10/28/15 Feinstein: PTC Extension ‘Flawed’
10/28/15 Feinstein Introduces Resolution to Commemorate Yitzhak Rabin
10/27/15 Senate Passes Landmark Cybersecurity Bill
10/27/15 Feinstein Statement on Budget Agreement
10/26/15 Feinstein Announces Infrastructure Funds for California
10/22/15 Senate Democrats Call on McConnell, Reid to Close Carried Interest Loophole
10/21/15 Senate Consensus Forming in Support of Cyber Bill
10/21/15 Feinstein on House Benghazi Hearing
10/21/15 Feinstein: No to Longer, More Dangerous Trucks
10/21/15 Feinstein Supports West LA VA Master Plan
10/20/15 Feinstein Statement on Sanctuary Cities
10/20/15 Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Support of Breast Cancer Research
10/20/15 Debunking Myths about Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act
10/19/15 Feinstein Statement on FAA Registration for Consumer Drones
10/15/15 Feinstein, Leahy Call for Release of Chinese Nobel Laureate, Wife
10/15/15 Senators Call for Full Implementation of Mental Health Parity Law
10/15/15 Feinstein Supports Afghanistan Troop Decision
10/8/15 Feinstein Remarks on Appropriations Process
10/8/15 Feinstein Speaks on Need to Take Action to Reduce Gun Violence
10/8/15 Senate Passes Bill to Combat Transnational Drug Trafficking
10/8/15 Feinstein: Reckless Consumer Drone Use Threatens Public Safety in California
10/8/15 Senators Introduce Bill to Extend Successful D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program
10/8/15 Feinstein Testifies in Support of Drought-Relief Bill
10/7/15 Bill Introduced to Protect Pacific Coast from Offshore Drilling