Press Releases

November 2011

Date Title
11/18/11 Feinstein: New Energy Efficient Cable Box Plan a ‘Victory for American Consumers’
11/18/11 Amendment Targets Drug Smugglers Using Ultralight Aircraft
11/16/11 Feinstein, Snowe: Fuel Economy Increases Will Help Ease Pain at the Pump
11/15/11 Feinstein Announces Confirmation of Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers
11/15/11 Feinstein-Leahy Statement on Detention Provisions in Defense Authorization Bill
11/10/11 Feinstein Resolution Honors WWII POWs
11/10/11 Feinstein’s DOMA Repeal Bill Passes Judiciary Committee
11/8/11 Feinstein, Chambliss Release Statements on IAEA’s Iran Nuclear Capability Report
11/7/11 Feinstein Calls on Administration to Support Asia-South Pacific Trade Bill
11/7/11 Feinstein, Boxer Introduce Bill to Improve Sacramento Levees
11/3/11 Feinstein’s ‘America’s Cup’ Bill Passes Senate
11/3/11 Feinstein Statement on Cyber Espionage Report
11/3/11 Feinstein Supports Job-Creating Infrastructure Bill

October 2011

Date Title
10/25/11 Feinstein Pressing for Investigation of Mobile Phone “Stalking Apps” that Allow Abusers to Secretly Track Victims
10/24/11 Feinstein Statement on Study Linking Prenatal BPA to Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Girls
10/24/11 SSCI, SJC Democrats Urge Removal of Controversial Detainee Provisions from NDAA
10/21/11 Feinstein: ‘Unemployment Crisis ... Compounded by Politics’
10/20/11 Feinstein Statement on Confirmation of John Bryson as Secretary of Commerce
10/19/11 Feinstein Statement on Final CFTC Energy Position Limits Rule
10/18/11 Feinstein Calls for Stricter Pipeline Safety Standards
10/18/11 Senate Passes Pipeline Safety Bill
10/14/11 Feinstein: One Step Closer to Repeal of Discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act
10/13/11 Feinstein Bill to Create Four New Judgeships in California Advances
10/12/11 Feinstein Calls on Administration to Help Homeowners
10/12/11 Feinstein Statement on Stored Value Money Smuggling