Press Releases

January 2010

Date Title
1/26/10 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Federal Funding of Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco
1/25/10 Senator Feinstein Statement on Reconfirmation of Ben Bernanke
1/21/10 Senator Feinstein Applauds $465 Million Energy Department Loan to California-Based Tesla Motors
1/14/10 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Haiti Earthquake Disaster

December 2009

Date Title
12/31/09 Intelligence Committee Announces Hearings Into Failed Christmas Day Terrorism Attack
12/31/09 Senator Feinstein Expresses Condolences to Families of American Personnel Killed in Afghanistan Attack
12/30/09 Senator Feinstein Urges Administration to Strengthen U.S. Counterterrorism Policies in Wake of December 25 Attack
12/24/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on U.S. Senate Passage of Landmark Health Care Reform Bill
12/24/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Nomination of André Birotte Jr. to be U.S. Attorney
12/22/09 U.S. Senate Approves Resolution to Establish National Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Month in January
12/21/09 Senator Feinstein Introduces Legislation to Balance Conservation, Recreation and Renewable Energy Development in the Mojave Desert Files
12/21/09 California Desert Protection Act of 2010
12/17/09 Senators Feinstein and Merkley Introduce Measure to Spur Renewable Energy Development
12/16/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Agreement to Transfer Treasure Island from the Navy to San Francisco
12/16/09 Senate Panel Approves Feinstein-Boxer Measure to Allow New Water Transfers in California’s Drought-Stricken Central Valley
12/9/09 Senator Feinstein Speaks in Opposition to Nelson Amendment to Limit Women’s Rights
12/7/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on EPA’s Conclusion that Greenhouse Gas Emissions Pose a Threat to Public Health and Welfare, and Must Be Regulated Under the Clean Air Act
12/1/09 Senator Feinstein Statement on President's Announcement of Afghanistan Strategy
12/1/09 U.S. Senate Approves Nomination of Jacqueline Nguyen to be U.S. District Court Judge for Central District of California

November 2009

Date Title
11/30/09 Senator Feinstein Introduces Legislation to Protect Consumers from Harmful Food Pathogens
11/19/09 Senator Feinstein Calls for National Energy Efficiency Standards for Televisions Files
11/9/09 Senator Feinstein Seeks to End Slaughter of Downed Animals, Asks Department of Agriculture to Join Effort
11/4/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Senate Vote On Package Extending Unemployment Insurance
11/4/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on California State Legislature’s Adoption of Comprehensive Water Bond and Legislative Package
11/3/09 Feinstein Joins California, Nevada Delegations in Introducing Legislation to Preserve and Protect Lake Tahoe