Press Releases

January 2015

Date Title
1/7/15 Feinstein Statement on Paris Terror Attack
1/7/15 Feinstein Introduces Legislation to Boost Trade with Nepal
1/6/15 Lawmakers Introduce Cluster Munitions Legislation
1/6/15 Feinstein, Nadler Introduce Bill to Ensure Rights of All Married Couples
1/6/15 Feinstein, Lee Introduce Due Process Guarantee Act
1/6/15 Feinstein, Portman Introduce Bill to Crack Down on Synthetic Drugs
1/5/15 Feinstein Statement on Departure of CIA IG David Buckley
1/5/15 Feinstein Proposes Reforms to Prevent Future Use of Torture

December 2014

Date Title
12/23/14 Feinstein, Grassley Release Recommendations for Combatting Afghan Drug Trade
12/17/14 Feinstein Statement on Cuba
12/16/14 Feinstein Announces Confirmation of Haywood Gilliam as District Judge
12/16/14 Feinstein Welcomes Tax Extenders
12/15/14 Feinstein Statement on Passage of Omnibus Funding Bill
12/15/14 Feinstein, Grassley Bill to Combat Transnational Drug Trafficking Passes Senate
12/15/14 Feinstein Applauds Confirmation of Dr. Vivek Murthy
12/12/14 Feinstein Hails Passage of Defense Authorization Bill
12/12/14 Fact Check: Coercive Interrogation Techniques Did Not Lead to bin Laden
12/12/14 Fact Check: CIA’s Use of Rectal Rehydration, Feeding Not Medical Procedures
12/11/14 Feinstein Response to CIA Director on Detention, Interrogation Program
12/11/14 Fact Check: Intelligence Committee Insufficiently Briefed on Coercive Interrogation Techniques
12/10/14 Fact Check: Interviews Would Have Added Little to CIA Interrogation Study
12/10/14 Fact Check: Intelligence Committee Did Not Spend $40 Million on CIA Study
12/9/14 Feinstein Remarks on CIA Report
12/9/14 Intel Committee Releases Report on CIA Detention, Interrogation Program
12/5/14 Feinstein Statement on Nomination of Ashton Carter to be Defense Secretary