Press Releases

August 2006

Date Title
8/17/06 Statement by Senator Feinstein on Federal Court Order to Halt Warrantless Wiretapping Program
8/16/06 Statement of Senator Feinstein on the Arrest of Javier Arellano-Felix
8/10/06 Commerce Secretary Gutierrez Declares Commercial Fishery Failure for Pacific Salmon Fisheries
8/9/06 On the Five-Year Anniversary, Senator Feinstein Calls for Reversal Of President’s Failed Stem Cell Policy
8/4/06 Sessions and Feinstein Introduce Online Pharmacy Bill
8/4/06 Senator Feinstein Expresses Concern over Electric Cooperative Report Trivializing Effects of Global Warming
8/4/06 Senate Approves Feinstein-Boxer Resolution to Ensure Continued Public Access to Santa Rosa Island
8/3/06 Senate Approves Renaming Reseda Post Office in Honor of UCLA Coach John Wooden
8/3/06 Senator Feinstein to Co-Sponsor “The National Museum of the American Latino Community Commission Act” of the American Latino Community Commission Act”
8/2/06 Sen. Feinstein, Gov. Schwarzenegger Ask for Federal Assistance for Skyrocketing Energy Costs for Low Income Californians Due to Recent Heat Wave
8/2/06 Senator Feinstein Urges Rejection of Santa Rosa Island Hunting Plan
8/1/06 Senate Approves Measure to Preserve Mt. Soledad Veterans Monument

July 2006

Date Title
7/31/06 Senator Feinstein Urges California Coastal Communities to Protect its Residents from Tsunami Threat
7/31/06 With Protections for California’s Coastlines Lacking, Senator Feinstein States Opposition to S. 3711
7/31/06 Feinstein Opposes Republican Bill that Cuts Minimum Wage for Millions of Workers Who Receive Tips
7/28/06 Senator Feinstein Urges SBA to Provide More Timely Disaster Relief, Enhance Agency’s Technical Capabilities
7/27/06 Senator Feinstein Testifies in Support of Legislation to Increase California’s Water Supply to Increase California’s Water Supply
7/27/06 Senator Feinstein Opposes Effort to Roll Back California’s Proposition 65
7/27/06 Senators Feinstein and Boxer Seek to Preserve Mt. Soledad Veterans Monument
7/26/06 Senator Feinstein Votes Against Proceeding To Offshore Oil Drilling Bill To Offshore Oil Drilling Bill
7/26/06 Senate Approves McConnell-Feinstein Bill Renewing Trade Sanctions on Burma
7/25/06 Senator Feinstein Announces Opposition to the Child Custody Protection Act
7/21/06 Senate Appropriations Committee Approves FY 2007 Labor- HHS-Education Appropriations Bill
7/21/06 Senator Feinstein Encouraged by GM’s Introduction of New OnStar Service to Reduce Gasoline Consumption
7/21/06 Senate Committee Approves 2007 Transportation, Housing, Community Development, and Government Spending Measure