Press Releases

November 2013

Date Title
11/12/13 Feinstein Statement on Health Insurance Cancellations
11/12/13 Feinstein, Grassley: Penalize Drug Dealers Who Target Children
11/6/13 Feinstein Statement on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act
11/6/13 Feinstein, Whitehouse, Boxer Congratulate America’s Cup Team
11/5/13 Feinstein, Chambliss Announce Committee Approval of Fiscal Year 2014 Intelligence Authorization

October 2013

Date Title
10/31/13 Senate Intelligence Committee Approves FISA Improvements Act
10/29/13 Feinstein, Members to FAA: Complete Actions of Helicopter Noise Report
10/28/13 Feinstein Statement on Intelligence Collection of Foreign Leaders
10/27/13 Feinstein, Senators Urge Negotiators to Reject Cuts to Food Stamps
10/25/13 Feinstein, Senators Call For Open Enrollment Extension
10/16/13 Feinstein Statement on Agreement to End Shutdown, Raise Debt Ceiling
10/15/13 FISA Court: 1/4 of Surveillance Requests Undergo ‘Substantive’ Revisions
10/9/13 Feinstein Statement on Nomination of Janet Yellen to Chair Federal Reserve
10/2/13 Feinstein Statement at Judiciary Committee Hearing on FISA Oversight
10/1/13 Feinstein Remarks on Effects of Government Shutdown

September 2013

Date Title
9/27/13 Feinstein, McCain Call on Pentagon to Transfer Planes to Fight Wildfires
9/26/13 Feinstein Statement at Senate Intelligence Committee FISA Hearing
9/25/13 Feinstein Statement on Dangerous Synthetic Drugs
9/19/13 White House Nominates Feinstein Recommendation to Southern District Court
9/18/13 Feinstein Urging Support for Central Valley Drug Control
9/16/13 Feinstein Statement on Navy Yard Shooting
9/11/13 Feinstein Introduces Child Care Safety Bill
9/11/13 Feinstein Introduces Two Nominees for California’s Northern District Court
9/9/13 Feinstein on Russia’s Call for UN Destruction of Chemical Weapons
9/6/13 Feinstein, Wyden Statement on CFTC, FERC Energy Market Oversight