Press Releases

August 2011

Date Title
8/19/11 Feinstein Applauds New Administration Policy on Immigration Enforcement
8/18/11 Feinstein Calls for Review of Anti-malarial Drug
8/12/11 Feinstein, Boxer, Thompson Announce $6 Million in Federal Funding to Help Rebuild Crescent City Harbor
8/10/11 Feinstein, Hutchison Call on Burma to End Rapes by Army
8/4/11 Feinstein Cosponsors Bill to Boost Weak Housing Market
8/3/11 Feinstein Pays Tribute to General Cartwright
8/2/11 Feinstein Testifies on Need for Fair Health Insurance Oversight
8/2/11 Feinstein Statement on Debt Limit Agreement
8/1/11 Statement on Committee Approval of Fiscal Year 2012 Intelligence Authorization
8/1/11 Feinstein, Boxer Announce $9.7 Million for Bus Rapid Transit in Los Angeles
8/1/11 Senate Intelligence Committee Votes to Confirm Matt Olsen as Director of NCTC

July 2011

Date Title
7/30/11 Feinstein Statement on Debt Ceiling Debate
7/29/11 Senators Feinstein, Snowe Say Fuel Economy Increases Will Help Ease Pain at the Pump
7/28/11 Feinstein: Protect Consumers From Data Exposure
7/27/11 Feinstein Applauds Agreement to Increase Fuel Economy Standards
7/25/11 Feinstein, Snowe Call for ‘Maximum Feasible’ Fuel Economy Standards
7/20/11 Feinstein Urges Repeal of DOMA
7/20/11 Feinstein: Repeal Discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act
7/20/11 Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control Holds Hearing on Counternarcotics Efforts in Afghanistan
7/19/11 Feinstein, Hutchison: Majority of U.S. Senate Sponsors Breast Cancer Research Stamp Renewal
7/15/11 California Leaders Voice Opposition to Any Proposal to Dispose of West Los Angeles VA Property
7/13/11 Feinstein Statement on Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers
7/13/11 Feinstein: Protect Voters from Misleading, Inconvenient Political Robocalls
7/11/11 Bipartisan Calif. Congressional Delegation Calls on Veolia to Compensate Victims of Chatsworth Train Crash
7/7/11 Feinstein Statement on Ethanol Agreement