Press Releases

December 2010

Date Title
12/1/10 Feinstein Urges Extension of Unemployment Benefits

November 2010

Date Title
11/30/10 Feinstein Urges Republicans to Support Swift End to Discriminatory "Don't ask, don't tell" Policy
11/30/10 Senators Feinstein, Kyl Lead Bipartisan Letter Calling for Ethanol Tariffs and Subsidies to Expire
11/29/10 Feinstein Statement on Wikileaks
11/18/10 Senator Feinstein Calls for Immediate Repeal of Discriminatory "Don't ask, don't tell" Policy
11/17/10 Feinstein Statement on Obstruction of Efforts to Reach Compromise Agreement on Use of BPA in Baby Products
11/17/10 Senator Feinstein Pushes for Extension of Tax Cuts for Middle Class Families
11/16/10 Senators Feinstein and Boxer Ask U.S. Transportation Secretary to Redirect High-Speed Rail Funds to California
11/12/10 Feinstein Seeks $35.5 Million for Homeless Veterans In Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Bill
11/2/10 Senators Feinstein and Boxer Congratulate the Giants on Becoming World Series Champions
11/1/10 Senator Feinstein Renews Call for U.S. State Department to Provide More Helicopters to Drug Enforcement Administration in Wake of Major Heroin Seizure in Afghanistan

October 2010

Date Title
10/28/10 Senator Feinstein Vows to Cut Waste, Duplication from Intelligence Budget
10/27/10 Senator Feinstein Celebrates Formal Unveiling of Tesla Motors Factory, Lauds Creation of Manufacturing Jobs
10/27/10 Senator Feinstein Applauds Federal Trade Commission Decision to Require EnergyGuide Labels for Televisions
10/25/10 Senator Feinstein Applauds Additional $902 Million for California High-Speed and Inter-city Rail Projects
10/12/10 President Obama Signs Combat Methamphetamine Enhancement Act

September 2010

Date Title
9/29/10 Senate Passes Feinstein, Gregg Legislation to Protect the Privacy of Social Security Numbers
9/22/10 Senators Feinstein and Boxer Introduce Legislation To Strengthen Pipeline Safety and Enforcement
9/15/10 Senators Feinstein and Boxer Announce Plans to Introduce Legislation to Strengthen Pipeline Safety and Enforcement
9/7/10 Senator Feinstein Celebrates Latest Milestone in South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project

August 2010

Date Title
8/23/10 Senator Feinstein Urges Governor Schwarzenegger to sign Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act
8/12/10 Senator Feinstein to Offer Amendment Banning Bisphenol A from Baby Bottles, Infant Formula
8/10/10 President Obama Signs Feinstein, Grassley Measure to Prohibit Cell Phones in Prisons
8/4/10 Senator Feinstein Statement on Proposition 8 Case

July 2010

Date Title
7/30/10 Feinstein, Gregg, and 30 Senators Urge the Obama Administration to Support UN Commission of Inquiry to Investigate Possible War Crimes in Burma