Press Releases

October 2009

Date Title
10/1/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein in Support of EPA’s Decision to Regulate Large Stationary Sources under Clean Air Act

September 2009

Date Title
9/30/09 Senator Feinstein Welcomes Obama Administration’s Plan to Move Forward with Independent Review of Delta Science and Address California’s Urgent Water Crisis Files
9/30/09 Senate Passes Resolution Designating October “National Cyber Security Awareness Month”
9/24/09 Senate Approves $32.1 Billion FY 2010 Interior Appropriations Bill
9/24/09 Feinstein Statement on UN Security Council Resolution on Nuclear Weapons
9/24/09 Senator Feinstein Introduces Resolution Designating October as “National Cyber Security Awareness Month”
9/24/09 EPA Responds to Feinstein Concerns about Murkowski Amendment Files
9/22/09 Senators Feinstein, Boxer, Klobuchar and Snowe Applaud EPA’s Final Rule-Making to Establish Greenhouse Gas Emissions Registry
9/17/09 Feinstein and Boxer Introduce Bill to Combat Criminal Arsonists
9/17/09 Senate Approves Feinstein Transportation Funding Requests, Including $50 Million for Commuter Rail Safety
9/17/09 Senator Feinstein Urges Swift Senate Approval of the $32.1 Billion Interior Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year 2010
9/16/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on New Report on the Status of Political Prisoners in Burma
9/9/09 Senator Feinstein Announces Funding for 10 New C-17s
9/4/09 Senator Feinstein Applauds U.S. Energy Department’s Decision to Provide $535 Million Energy Loan Guarantee to California-Based Solar Company, Solyndra

August 2009

Date Title
8/31/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Deaths of Two Los Angeles County Firefighters Killed on Mt. Gleason
8/28/09 Concerns Regarding Healthcare Reform Files
8/27/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Toyota’s Decision to Withdraw from Fremont’s NUMMI Joint Venture
8/26/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Senator Ted Kennedy
8/24/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Release of Documents Related to CIA Interrogation and Detention Program and Renewed Commitment to Army Field Manual Standard for Interrogations
8/20/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein On Reported Use of Contractors in Discontinued CIA Program
8/18/09 Senator Feinstein Urges Colleagues to Pass Data Breach Legislation Following Indictment of Hackers For Attack on U.S. Retail and Banking Networks
8/11/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein On Unjust Sentencing of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
8/6/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Senate Approval of Additional $ 2 Billion to Extend the “Cash for Clunkers” or “CARS” Program
8/6/09 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Judge Sotomayor’s Confirmation as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
8/4/09 Senator Feinstein Statement Supporting Supreme Court Nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor