Press Releases

December 2008

Date Title
12/23/08 Senators Feinstein and Snowe Demand Accountability for Firms Receiving Taxpayer Assistance
12/15/08 Senator Feinstein Nominated by Senate Majority Leader to be Chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee
12/15/08 Feinstein Statement on Nomination of Dr. Steven Chu to be Secretary of Energy
12/9/08 Senators Nelson, Feinstein Urge Senate Leadership to Prevent Carmakers from Using Bailout Funds to Oppose Tougher Emissions Standards
12/5/08 Senator Feinstein Denounces Bush Administration’s Weakening of Firearms Restrictions in National Parks

November 2008

Date Title
11/24/08 Senator Feinstein, Representatives Waxman, Schakowsky and DeGette Urge Consumer Product Safety Commission to Enforce Phthalate Ban
11/24/08 Senator Feinstein Urges the Federal Railroad Administration to Expedite Implementation of Collision Avoidance Systems; Requests Waiver for Metrolink
11/20/08 Senate Approves Feinstein-Boxer Resolution Honoring Firefighters
11/20/08 Senator Feinstein Urges Bureau of Land Management to Find Alternatives to Euthanization of Wild Horses Held on Federal Lands
11/20/08 Senators Feinstein and Snowe Introduce Legislation to Ensure Accountability for Companies Receiving Federal Lifelines and Ban Lobbying with Rescue Funds
11/17/08 Senator Feinstein Seeks Ban on the Sale of Inaugural Tickets
11/17/08 Senator Feinstein Opposes Bush Administration’s Expansion of Visa Waiver Program Despite Security Risks
11/17/08 Senator Feinstein: Any Extended Federal Aid to U.S. Automakers Must Be Used to Pursue New Technologies, Increase Fuel Efficiency
11/14/08 Senators Feinstein, Snowe Urge Energy Department to Ensure that Funds from the $25 Billion Loan Program for the Auto Industry are Used to Build More Fuel Efficient Vehicles
11/13/08 Senator Feinstein Expresses Concern About Bush Administration’s Expansion of Visa Waiver Program Amid Security Risks
11/13/08 Statement from Senator Feinstein on eBay/StubHub Prohibiting the Sale of Inauguration Swearing-In Tickets on Its Websites
11/13/08 Senators Feinstein and Hutchison Condemn the Harsh and Unjust Sentencing of 61 Democracy Activists in Burma; Renew Calls for the Release of Aung San Suu Kyi and all Political Prisoners
11/13/08 Information for Tickets for the 56th Presidential Inaugural
11/7/08 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Senator Robert C. Byrd’s Resignation as Chairman of the Appropriations Committee
11/5/08 Senator Feinstein Announces 2009 Inaugural Theme “A New Birth of Freedom”
11/4/08 Senator Feinstein Urges Networks to Refrain From Calling the Presidential Election Before Polls Close in the West, Encourages California Voters to Cast Ballots

October 2008

Date Title
10/30/08 Senator Feinstein Expresses Support for More Robust Federal Efforts to Prevent Home Foreclosures
10/23/08 Senator Feinstein Releases Greenspan Letters Opposing 2003 Swaps Regulation Bill Files
10/23/08 Florida Secretary of State Will Ask County Election Supervisors to Grant GAO Access to Florida Polling Places on Election Day