Press Releases

October 2008

Date Title
10/23/08 Florida Secretary of State Will Ask County Election Supervisors to Grant GAO Access to Florida Polling Places on Election Day
10/23/08 Senator Feinstein Renews Call to Close Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility, Seeks Release of Pentagon and State Department Proposals Outlining Options for Transferring Detainees
10/22/08 Senators Feinstein and Kohl Urge Florida Secretary of State to Allow GAO Access to Florida Polling Places on Election Day
10/22/08 Senator Feinstein Urges Transportation Secretary to Reject Advertising on California’s Highway Alert Signs
10/21/08 Statement of Senator Feinstein on President’s Identity Theft Task Force Report
10/20/08 Senator Feinstein Seeks Legislation to Ensure that Rescued Companies Don’t Use Taxpayer Dollars for Lobbying Efforts
10/17/08 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Bush Administration’s Intent to Add New Countries to the Visa Waiver Program
10/17/08 Senators Feinstein and Martinez Oppose AIG’s Efforts to Undermine Federal Licensing Requirements for Mortgage Industry
10/17/08 President Signs Rail Safety Bill Containing Anti-Collision Provision Sought By Senators Feinstein and Boxer
10/16/08 President Bush Signs House Version of Bill Sponsored by Senators Feinstein and Sessions to Stop Controlled Substances
10/15/08 Senator Feinstein Denounces Bush Administration’s Endorsement of Torture, Renews Call to Require All U.S. Intelligence Agencies to Follow the Army Field Manual in Interrogations
10/15/08 Senator Feinstein Urges Purchase of Breast Cancer Research Stamp in Recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
10/14/08 Snowe, Feinstein Tax Credit to Improve Energy Efficiency, Save Money and Reduce Pollution
10/10/08 Senator Feinstein Expresses Concern that the Federal Maritime Commission’s Review of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach “Clean Trucks Program” Oversteps its Mandate and Capabilities
10/3/08 President Signs Measure to Renew Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Tax Incentives
10/3/08 President Signs Funding Measure for Four-Year Extension of Secure Rural Schools Program
10/2/08 President Signs Feinstein-Boxer-Harman Measure to Soundproof Lennox and Inglewood School Districts from Nearby Airport Noise
10/1/08 Senate-Approved Economic Rescue Plan Includes Funding for Four-Year Extension of Secure Rural Schools Program
10/1/08 Congress Approves Major Rail Legislation Requiring Anti-Collision Systems Sought by Senators Feinstein and Boxer

September 2008

Date Title
9/30/08 Congress Approves Bill Sponsored by Senators Feinstein and Sessions to Stop Controlled Substances from Being Sold Online Without Valid Prescriptions
9/26/08 Senators Feinstein and Boxer Express Disappointment in California’s Share of HUD Foreclosure Grants, Urge More Federal Aid
9/26/08 Chairman Feinstein Calls on EPA to Immediately Comply With Congressional Mandate to Issue Draft Rule for Economy-Wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Registry
9/24/08 Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Security Concerns Involving Visa Waiver Program in Wake of New GAO Report
9/24/08 Congress Approves Feinstein Measure for Two-Year Extension of Program to Help Drug-Endangered Children
9/24/08 Senate Passes Feinstein-Smith Legislation Designed to Stop Runaway Film Production and Save American Jobs