Press Releases

November 2007

Date Title
11/15/07 U.S. Senate Approves Four-Year Extension of Breast Cancer Research Stamp
11/14/07 Senator Feinstein, Representatives Brady and Lofgren File Amicus Brief in Supreme Court Supporting Balanced Ballot Access and Integrity in Federal Elections Files
11/13/07 Senator Feinstein Co-Sponsors Legislation to Name Great Hall of Capitol Visitor Center “Emancipation Hall”
11/9/07 Senator Feinstein Calls for Prompt and Thorough Investigation of Recent Bay Bridge Oil Spill
11/8/07 Congress Approves $500 Million in Emergency Fire Funding Sought By Senator Feinstein and Representative Lewis
11/8/07 Senator Feinstein Praises Senate’s Vote to Override Bush Veto on Water Resources Development Act (WRDA)
11/8/07 Statement of Senator Feinstein on the Need to Protect Reproductive Rights
11/7/07 Senator Feinstein Asks FEMA to Stage Mobile Housing Units on West Coast
11/7/07 Senators Feinstein and Boxer Ask Federal Officials To Streamline Assistance to California Fire Victims
11/6/07 Senator Feinstein Urges Finance Committee Members to Approve Measure to Protect Retirement Benefits for Public Service Workers
11/6/07 House-Senate Conference Committee Approves $500 Million in Emergency Fire Funding Sought By Senator Feinstein and Representative Lewis
11/6/07 House-Senate Defense Appropriations Conference Committee Approves Measure to Limit Funding for the Development of the Reliable Replacement Warhead Program
11/5/07 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein on her decision not to offer AgJOBS as an amendment to the Farm Bill
11/5/07 Statement of Senator Feinstein in Support of the Global Day of Action on Cluster Bombs
11/1/07 Senator Feinstein Joins 29 Senate Colleagues to Say White House Must Seek Congressional Approval for Offensive Military Action against Iran

October 2007

Date Title
10/31/07 Senator Feinstein Introduces New Measure to Authorize Three Water Supply Projects for Southern California
10/26/07 Senator Feinstein and Representative Dicks Request $1 Billion For Federal Firefighting, Fire-Prevention and Restoration Efforts
10/26/07 Senator Feinstein Introduces Bill to Assist Homeowners Impacted by Decertification of Levees
10/26/07 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein in Support of Judge Michael Mukasey for Attorney General
10/26/07 Feinstein Statement on Restoration of HIV/AIDS Funding in Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Bill
10/26/07 Senator Feinstein Introduces Measure to Establish Federal Ban on Phthalates in Children’s Toys
10/25/07 Statement of Senator Feinstein Following a Tour of Fire Ravaged San Diego
10/24/07 Senator Feinstein Welcomes New CFTC Report on Oversight of Energy Trading Markets
10/24/07 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Failure of Senate to Consider DREAM Act
10/24/07 Senator Feinstein Provides Update to Senate on California Wildfires