Press Releases

September 2007

Date Title
9/27/07 Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Feinstein-Sessions Bill to Stop Controlled Substances from Being Sold Online Without Valid Prescriptions
9/27/07 Senator Feinstein Hails Senate Passage of Hate Crimes Bill
9/26/07 Members of the Senate Women’s Caucus on Burma Express Solidarity with Pro-Democracy Protestors, Implore International Community to Keep Up Pressure on Military Junta
9/24/07 Senator Feinstein’s Effort to Pass Senate Campaign Electronic Filing Bill Blocked for Third Time
9/24/07 Senate Approves Feinstein-Hutchison Legislation to Assist States in Addressing Problem of Family Abductions
9/21/07 Senate Unanimously Approves Feinstein-Hatch Comprehensive Gang Legislation
9/21/07 Senators Feinstein, Cantwell and Wyden Urge CFTC and FERC to Work Together to Pursue Cases of Manipulation in Energy Markets
9/20/07 Feinstein Introduces Legislation to Ensure that Retailers Are Compliant with Combat Meth Act Requirements
9/19/07 Senator Feinstein Introduces Legislation to Give Armed Forces Personnel the Same Due-Process Appeal Rights as Civilians
9/18/07 Statement of Senator Feinstein in Support of D.C. Vote Bill
9/18/07 Senators Feinstein and Domenici Welcome New Legislation To Address The Long-Term Health of America’s Entitlement Programs
9/17/07 Feinstein Announces Plans to Introduce Legislation to Ensure that Retailers Are Compliant with Combat Meth Act Requirements
9/12/07 Senate-Approved FY 2008 Transportation-HUD Appropriations Bill Includes Feinstein-Boxer Measure to Permit Subway Tunneling in Parts of Los Angeles
9/12/07 Senate Approves FY 2008 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Bill
9/11/07 Senator Feinstein Urges Governor Schwarzenegger to Sign Bill Requiring Microstamping Technology for Newly-Designed Handguns
9/11/07 Senator Feinstein Supports Legislation to Rename Ellis Island Library in Honor of Entertainer Bob Hope
9/7/07 Boxer and Feinstein Applaud Senate Passage of The College Cost Reduction Act
9/7/07 Senate-Passed FY2008 State-Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill Includes Leahy-Feinstein Reforms To Restrict The Sale Or Transfer Of Cluster Bombs
9/7/07 Senate-Approved FY 2008 State-Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill Includes Feinstein-Snowe Measure to Ensure Maximum Flexibility for U.S. HIV/AIDS Prevention Funding
9/6/07 Senate Approves Dodd-Feinstein Amendment Increasing Peace Corps Funding by $10 million
9/5/07 Senators Feinstein and Boxer Beat Back Effort to Strike Language Preventing Commercialization of West Los Angeles VA Site

August 2007

Date Title
8/30/07 Statement of Senator Feinstein On GAO Draft Report on Iraq
8/27/07 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
8/24/07 Senator Feinstein Co-Sponsors Bill To Reform The Presidential Primary Process by Creating A Rotating Regional Primary System
8/24/07 Senator Feinstein Calls for Abolishing the Electoral College And Establishing Direct Popular Election of the President