Press Releases

July 2007

Date Title
7/18/07 Senator Feinstein Expresses Concern Over Mixed Homeland Security Funding for California Cities
7/17/07 Senator Feinstein Calls on U.S. Forest Service and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency to Renegotiate Guidelines on Permissible Hazardous Fuels Reduction Projects to Reduce Risk of Catastrophic Wildfires
7/16/07 Senator Feinstein Delivers Speech on Senate Floor In Support of Amendment to Close the Detention Facility at Guantanamo Bay
7/13/07 Senator Feinstein Cosponsors Measure to Prompt Long-Delayed EPA Decision on California’s Landmark Tailpipe Emissions Standard
7/13/07 Senators Boxer and Feinstein Introduce Legislation to Honor Bakersfield Legend Buck Owens
7/12/07 FY 2008 Transportation Appropriations Bill Includes Feinstein-Boxer Measure to Permit Subway Tunneling in Parts of Los Angeles
7/12/07 Senate Panel Approves Two FY 2008 Appropriations Bills: Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Financial Services and General Government
7/12/07 Statement of Senator Feinstein on the July Benchmarks Report
7/12/07 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein In Memory of Lady Bird Johnson
7/12/07 Senator Feinstein Expresses Concern Over Decision By Allstate To Stop Offering Homeowners Insurance In California
7/12/07 Senators Feinstein and Harkin File Amendment Requiring President Bush to Close Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility Within One Year
7/9/07 Senator Feinstein Urges Immediate Senate Approval of Measure to Shine Light on Energy Markets, Close “Enron Loophole”
7/3/07 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein On the Need to Pass Agriculture Workers Legislation

June 2007

Date Title
6/29/07 FY 2008 State-Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill Includes Leahy-Feinstein Provision to Restrict the Sale or Transfer of Cluster Bombs
6/29/07 Senators Feinstein and Cornyn Express Gratitude for Canadian Prime Minister’s Help to Stop Video Piracy
6/28/07 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein on Today’s Supreme Court Ruling on School Desegregation
6/28/07 Senate Panel Approves FY 2008 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill
6/28/07 Senate Panel Approves Bill Requiring U.S. Attorneys to Reside in their Districts
6/28/07 Statement of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill
6/27/07 U.S. Senate Approves Resolution by Senators Feinstein, Cornyn, Obama, and Lugar to Establish a National Day Of Human Trafficking Awareness on January 11
6/27/07 Statement of Senator Feinstein Supporting the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill
6/26/07 Chairman Feinstein Urges Smithsonian to Move Rapidly on Reforms
6/25/07 Senators Aim to Correct Disparity in Cocaine Sentencing
6/22/07 Senate Committee Approves FY 2008 Labor-Health And Human Services-Education Appropriations Bill
6/22/07 FY 2008 Interior Appropriations Bill Includes Feinstein-Boxer Measure to Provide $2 Million for the EPA to Develop New Economy-Wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Registry