Press Releases

July 2021

Date Title
7/23/21 Feinstein, Durbin, Colleagues Urge President Biden to Restore Bears Ears National Monument
7/22/21 Feinstein, Padilla Introduce Package of Bills to Help Communities Impacted by Wildfire Smoke
7/22/21 Feinstein, Padilla, Huffman, Chu Introduce Bill Making Water Efficiency Improvement Rebates Non-Taxable
7/22/21 Bipartisan Bill Introduced to Help Homeowners Prepare for Natural Disasters
7/21/21 Democratic Senators Urge FCC to Scrutinize Verizon’s Acquisition of Tracfone and Ensure Commitment to Prioritizing Consumers
7/21/21 Feinstein Speaks in Support of Farm Labor Bill
7/21/21 Feinstein, Blackburn Introduce Bill to Protect Access to Breast Cancer Screenings
7/20/21 Senate Passes Critical Legislation to Strengthen Victims of Crime Act
7/20/21 Feinstein, Toomey, Menendez, Collins Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Repeal Ethanol Mandate
7/19/21 Feinstein, Rubio, Baldwin, Lankford, Rosen, Colleagues Urge Polish President to Oppose Bill Preventing Holocaust Restitution Claims
7/19/21 Feinstein Implores Californians to Get Vaccinated
7/15/21 Feinstein, Padilla, Lieu Introduce Bill to Address Root Causes of Homelessness
7/15/21 Senators Introduce Bill to Improve Dam Safety, Modernize Hydropower, Restore Rivers
7/15/21 Feinstein, Menendez Leads Colleagues in Calling on DOJ to Examine Potential Sham PPP Applications by Gun Companies
7/15/21 Feinstein: Congress Must Protect Democracy, Pass Voting Rights Bills
7/14/21 Feinstein on DOJ IG Report Detailing Failures of Larry Nassar Investigation
7/14/21 Feinstein, Menendez, Booker, Sherrill, Colleagues Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Protect Privacy, Safety of Federal Judges and their Families
7/13/21 Feinstein, Merkley, Bipartisan Colleagues Push to Include Support for National Guard Firefighting Efforts in Upcoming Funding Bill
7/13/21 Feinstein Encourages All Eligible Californians to Get Vaccinated
7/9/21 Feinstein, Kuster, Young, Announce Bipartisan Legislation To Address Climate Change, Restore Rivers, Improve Public Safety, and Modernize Hydropower
7/9/21 Feinstein Supports Funding Authorization Levels for Water Programs in Draft Infrastructure Bill
7/9/21 Feinstein Supports Garcetti Nomination as Ambassador to India
7/9/21 Feinstein Applauds Fix for Federal Firefighter Salary Gap in Draft Infrastructure Bill
7/7/21 Feinstein, Hassan, Bipartisan Group of Senators to VA: Improve to VA Home Guaranty Program, Help Veterans and Military Families Purchase Homes
7/2/21 Feinstein, Padilla to Yellen: Prevent Unnecessary Evictions, Expand Access to Emergency Rental Assistance Program