Press Releases

March 2007

Date Title
3/8/07 Senators Feinstein and Schumer Call on Attorney General Gonzales to Support Legislation to Ensure Senate Confirmation of U.S. Attorneys
3/6/07 Silicon Valley Leadership Group Endorses Feinstein Bill to Increase Fuel Efficiency for All Passenger Vehicles to 35 mpg by 2019
3/6/07 Department of Homeland Security Releases Details of Plan to Secure Unfilled Border Tunnels
3/6/07 Opening Statement of Senator Feinstein at Hearing on Fired U.S. Attorneys
3/6/07 Senator Feinstein Calls for Passage of Measure to Increase Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards for All Vehicles to 35 mpg by Model Year 2019
3/5/07 Senators Feinstein and Cornyn Offer Measure That Would Ensure that More Homeland Security Grants are Based on Risk
3/2/07 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein On the Reliable Replacement Warhead Program
3/2/07 Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Additional Judgeship for Ninth Circuit
3/2/07 Senators Feinstein and Cornyn Call on Canada Prime Minister to Help Stop Video Piracy
3/1/07 Senator Feinstein Continues to Press Small Business Administration to Implement a Comprehensive Disaster Relief Plan

February 2007

Date Title
2/28/07 Chairman Feinstein Calls for Full Funding of Help America Vote Act in FY08 Budget
2/28/07 Boxer and Feinstein Introduce Legislation to Help Students Obtain the Maximum Pell Grant Available
2/28/07 Statement of Senator Feinstein in Recognition of Black History Month
2/26/07 Senator Feinstein Calls on Reid and McConnell to Bring U.S. Attorney Legislation to a Vote in Senate
2/23/07 Senator Feinstein Urges Bush Administration to Join International Effort to Restrict Cluster Bombs
2/23/07 Senator Feinstein Disappointed that DHS Hasn’t Submitted Border Tunnel Report
2/23/07 Senator Feinstein Delivers Luncheon Keynote Address at UC Berkeley Global Warming Conference
2/17/07 Senator Feinstein Introduces Resolution to Set Expiration Date For AUMF Against Iraq at December 31, 2007
2/15/07 Senator Feinstein Delivers Speech on Senate Floor Highlighting the Recent History of U.S. Attorney Firings
2/15/07 Senators Feinstein and Cornyn Introduce Bill to Ensure that Homeland Security Funding is Based on Risk
2/15/07 Senators Feinstein and Leahy Introduce Legislation to Restrict the Use, Sale or Transfer of Cluster Bombs
2/14/07 Senators Feinstein and Hutchison Seek to Extend Sale of Stamp for Continued Breast Cancer Research Fundraising
2/14/07 Senator Feinstein Asks GAO to Investigate Sarasota County Electronic Voting Systems
2/13/07 Senators Feinstein and Snowe Introduce Legislation to Increase Transparency and Oversight in Energy Markets
2/9/07 Senator Feinstein Calls for Answers Regarding Prosecution and Imprisonment of Border Patrol Agents