Press Releases

February 2007

Date Title
2/7/07 Senate Judiciary Committee Reverses Administration Effort to Circumvent Senate Conformation Process for U.S. Attorneys
2/7/07 Senators Feinstein and Boxer Call for $1.2 Billion in Agriculture Disaster Relief from California’s January Freeze to be Included in Supplemental Appropriations Bill
2/7/07 Statement of Chairman Feinstein at Rules Committee Hearing to Evaluate Electronic Voting Systems
2/7/07 Senator Feinstein Urges Chairman Leahy to Continue Judiciary Committee Investigation into Prosecution of Border Patrol Agents
2/6/07 Boxer, Feinstein Introduce Legislation To Permit Subway Tunneling In Parts Of Los Angeles
2/6/07 Senator Feinstein Calls on Department of Homeland Security to Fill In or Demolish Existing Border Tunnels
2/5/07 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein On the President’s FY 08 Budget
2/2/07 Senator Feinstein Calls for Immediate Steps to Reduce U.S. Emissions to Combat Climate Change; IPCC Report is a “Clarion Call to Action”
2/1/07 Senator Feinstein Announces Support for Legislation to Outlaw Voter Deception and Intimidation Practices
2/1/07 Senator Feinstein Statement on Senate Approval of Federal District Court Judges

January 2007

Date Title
1/31/07 Senators Feinstein and Hatch Lead Bipartisan Coalition to Introduce Comprehensive Legislation to Fight Gang Violence
1/31/07 Senator Dianne Feinstein Supports Increasing Minimum Wage
1/31/07 Opening Statement of Senator Feinstein at Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing on Failure of DHS to Implement U.S. VISIT Program at 50 Busiest Land Border Crossings
1/26/07 Senators Feinstein, Ensign Introduce Measure to Ensure that Federal Education Funds for America’s Neediest Students Are Directed Towards Helping Students Learn
1/23/07 Statement of Senator Feinstein in Response to the State of the Union Address
1/23/07 Senator Feinstein Supports Moving California’s Presidential Primary to February
1/22/07 Senators Feinstein, Snowe, Inouye, Durbin, Kerry, Boxer, Bill Nelson, Cantwell, Lautenberg, Lieberman, Menendez, Collins Call for Raising Average Fuel Economy Standards for All Vehicles to 35 Miles Per Gallon By Model Year 2019
1/22/07 Domenici & Feinstein Introduce Bill Creating Permanent, Bipartisan Entitlement Commission
1/17/07 Six Major Energy Companies Endorse Senator Feinstein's Cap-and-Trade Legislation
1/16/07 Senate Approves Feinstein-Rockefeller Amendment to Require Accountability and Transparency for Classified Earmarks
1/16/07 Senator Feinstein Concerned over Resignations of at Least Seven U.S. Attorneys Across the Country
1/12/07 Senators Feinstein Seeks Answers from EAC On Unreported Failures at Voting Equipment Test Lab
1/12/07 Statement by Senator Feinstein in Recognition of Martin Luther King Day
1/12/07 Senators Feinstein and Sessions Seek to Toughen Laws Criminalizing Passport Fraud
1/11/07 Senators Feinstein, Graham, Biden, Alexander Continue Effort to Protect Copyrighted Materials