Press Releases

December 2006

Date Title
12/11/06 Bill to Ease Visa Restrictions on Minor League Athletes Approved by Congress, Goes to President’s Desk for Signature
12/11/06 Congress Approves Measure to Establish the Right of “Innocent Spouses” to Have Their Appeals Heard in Tax Court
12/8/06 Feinstein, Boxer, Bono, Calvert and Lewis Seek to Ensure Families of Fallen Firefighters Receive Charitable Donations
12/8/06 Senator Feinstein Announces Staff Leadership for 110th Congress
12/8/06 Senator Feinstein Applauds Defense Department for Postponing Plans to Build Permanent Guantanamo Courthouse Until Formal Congressional Approval is Secured
12/7/06 Senators Feinstein and Craig Calls for Passage of Legislation to Prevent Another Year of Devastating Agriculture Worker Shortages
12/6/06 Senators Feinstein and Boxer Introduce Historic Legislation to Implement Settlement to Restore the San Joaquin River
12/6/06 Senator Feinstein Votes to Confirm Dr. Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense
12/6/06 Senator Feinstein Calls Iraq Study Group Report Lifeline of Opportunity for President Bush
12/6/06 Statement of Senator Feinstein Praising Senate Passage of Three-Year Compromise Measure to Renew Ryan White CARE Act
12/5/06 Fourteen Senators Call for U.S. Involvement in United Nations Global Arms Trade Treaty
12/1/06 World AIDS Day
12/1/06 Senator Feinstein: Report Highlights Need for New Legislation to Reform Electronic Voting

November 2006

Date Title
11/29/06 Senator Feinstein Expresses Deep Concerns About Bush Administration Plan to Loosen Visa Waiver Program Rules
11/27/06 Feinstein Announces Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Signed into Law
11/17/06 Senate Approves Feinstein-Hutchison Measure to Prevent Kidnapping by Family Members
11/17/06 Senator Feinstein Expresses Concern Over FDA’s Approval of Silicone Gel Breast Implants
11/16/06 Senators Feinstein, Sessions Introduce Bill to Ensure Restitution Remains Available to Victims After a Criminal Defendant Dies
11/15/06 Senator Feinstein, Representatives Tauscher and Miller Call on Navy to Collaborate with City of Concord on Redevelopment of Naval Weapons Station
11/14/06 Senate Approves $94.3 Billion Spending Bill for Veterans Affairs and Military Construction
11/14/06 Senator Feinstein to Become First Woman Chairman of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee
11/14/06 Senator Feinstein Announces Plans to Explore Legislative Options to Keep the San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco
11/14/06 Feinstein-Boxer Amendment to MilCon/VA Appropriations Bill Would Ensure Santa Rosa Island Remains Open to Public
11/13/06 House Unanimously Passes Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
11/8/06 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld