Press Releases

November 2006

Date Title
11/8/06 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
11/2/06 Senators Feinstein, Cantwell, Wyden Urge Administration to Stop Protecting Energy Companies at the Expense of American Taxpayers

October 2006

Date Title
10/27/06 Senator Feinstein Strikes San Francisco Old Mint Commemorative Coin
10/27/06 Senator Feinstein Raises Concern About Trouble at the Polls
10/23/06 Senator Feinstein Highlights Need for Federal Response to Gang Violence During Address at Gang Prevention Summit
10/20/06 Senator Feinstein Urges Hearings on Fair and Accurate Federal Elections
10/20/06 Senator Feinstein Calls on Attorney General Gonzales to Appeal Dismissal of Convictions of Enron’s Former Chairman and CEO Ken Lay
10/20/06 Senators Feinstein and Snowe Call for Safety Review of Mentor Corporation’s Silicone Gel Breast Implant
10/17/06 Senator Feinstein Urges Purchase of Breast Cancer Research Stamp in Recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
10/17/06 Senator Feinstein Calls on President to Fund Sacramento Flood Control Improvements
10/16/06 Senator Feinstein Delivers Global Warming Speech to Silicon Valley Business Leaders
10/11/06 Senator Feinstein Seeks to Ensure Accuracy of Federal Elections
10/6/06 Boxer And Feinstein Ask Epa To Immediately Issue Perchlorate Health Advisory

September 2006

Date Title
9/29/06 Senator Feinstein Announces Three Regional California Airports Will Soon be Eligible for Airport Screeners
9/29/06 Senator Feinstein Calls on President Fox to Investigate Latest Border Tunnel Incident Involving Mexican Custom Officials
9/29/06 Senate Authorizes $25 Million for California Groundwater Remediation
9/29/06 Anti-Meth Law Goes Into Effect Tomorrow
9/29/06 Senate Passes Northern California Wilderness Legislation To Protect Over 270,000 Acres Of Wild Lands
9/29/06 Congress Gives Okay to 22 C-17s
9/28/06 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein Opposing Military Commissions Bill
9/28/06 Senator Feinstein Places Hold on House Gun Dealer Bill
9/27/06 Senator Feinstein Announces $5.6 Million in FEMA Funding for Seismic Retrofits of Northern California Hospitals
9/27/06 Agreement Reached on Legislation to Implement Settlement to Restore the San Joaquin River
9/27/06 Senator Feinstein Announces FEMA Funding for San Diego County
9/27/06 Senator Feinstein Criticizes CFTC for Failure to Perform Oversight, Renews Call for Increased Transparency in Energy Markets