Press Releases

July 2006

Date Title
7/6/06 Statement by Senator Dianne Feinstein On West Coast Fishery Disaster Declaration
7/5/06 Statement of Senator Feinstein on the Testing of Missiles by North Korea

June 2006

Date Title
6/29/06 Senate Committee Approves 2007 Interior Appropriations Bill
6/29/06 Senate Committee Seeks to Close Oil Lease Loophole and Recoup Billions of Dollars
6/29/06 Senator Feinstein Urges EPA Panel to Allow California to Improve State’s Air Quality by Adopting Small Engine Emissions Rules
6/29/06 Statement by Senator Feinstein on Supreme Court Ruling in Hamdan Case
6/28/06 Senator Feinstein Urges End to Presidential Roadblock on Stem Cell Research
6/28/06 Senator Feinstein joins Senator Jeffords on Bipartisan Green Building Legislation
6/27/06 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein Criticizing Bush Administration’s Decision Not to Appoint Expert to Small Arms Delegation
6/27/06 Statement of Senator Feinstein in Support of
Flag Protection Amendment
6/26/06 Statement by Senator Feinstein on Iraq Troop Withdrawl
6/23/06 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Resignation of Norman Mineta as Secretary of Transportation
6/22/06 Senate Panel Approves Agriculture Spending Bill
That Includes Millions for California
6/21/06 Senator Feinstein Calls for Phased Troop Redeployment of U.S. Forces in Iraq to Begin by Year’s End
6/20/06 Statement of Senator Feinstein on New Report on Meth Seizures
6/20/06 Senators Feinstein, Snowe, Durbin, Chafee, Inouye, Cantwell Lead Bipartisan Coalition to Call for Raising Average Fuel Economy Standards for All Vehicles to 35 mpg by Model Year 2017
6/19/06 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative George Radanovich on San Joaquin River Settlement Talks
6/19/06 Senator Feinstein Calls for Beginning of Phased Redeployment of U.S. Forces in Iraq by Year’s End
6/16/06 Senator Feinstein Urges Support for International Diplomatic Efforts to Engage Iran in Nuclear Talks
6/16/06 President Signs Into Law Feinstein-Boxer-Ensign Legislation Authorizing Commemorative Coin to Honor San Francisco Old Mint
6/15/06 Senate Gives Final Approval to Supplemental Appropriations Bill
6/8/06 Feinstein Urges Improved Tsunami Preparedness
6/8/06 ABA Endorses Feinstein-Specter Bill that Reaffirms
FISA as the Exclusive Means for Domestic Electronic
Surveillance on Americans
6/8/06 Senator Feinstein Opposes Full Repeal of the Estate Tax
6/7/06 Senator Feinstein Reiterates Call for Passage of Strong ID Theft Legislation