Press Releases

January 2006

Date Title
1/26/06 Statement of Senator Feinstein Criticizing EPA for Weak Perchlorate Remediation Standard
1/26/06 Senator Dianne Feinstein Details Her Reasons for Opposing Judge Samuel Alito to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
1/26/06 Senators Feinstein Calls on President Bush to Provide Detailed Intelligence Briefing on NSA Domestic Surveillance Program
1/25/06 Senator Feinstein and Governor Schwarzenegger Urge President to Fund Critical Flood Control Projects
1/24/06 Statement of Senator Feinstein on 9th Circuit Court Ruling Protecting Victims’ Rights
1/24/06 Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein on Judiciary Committee Vote on the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
1/19/06 Lawmakers Announce Bipartisan Emergency Legislation To Reimburse States for Medicare Prescription Costs
1/19/06 Senator Feinstein Urges Administration to Provide Quick Effective Federal Assistance to California Counties Affected by Winter Storms
1/19/06 Sen. Feinstein Urges EPA to Complete Long-Delayed Safety Study on Small Engine Air Quality Regulations
1/13/06 Senator Feinstein Announces $8.7 Million in FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation Competitive Grants for Four California Cities
1/13/06 Senator Feinstein Questions Ineligibility of San Diego for Homeland Security Urban Area Security Initiative Grants
1/13/06 Citing Health Emergency, Senator Feinstein Urges Bush Administration to Solve Medicare Drug Foul-ups
1/13/06 Statement by Senator Feinstein in Recognition of Martin Luther King Day
1/12/06 Senator Feinstein Seeks Explanation of Recent Counter Intelligence Field Activity Domestic Investigations
1/11/06 Senator Feinstein Criticizes Defense Department for Shirking Responsibility to Study Health Impact of Perchlorate Contamination
1/10/06 Senator Feinstein Urges Attorney General to Engage in Good Faith Negotiations for Patriot Act Reauthorization
1/9/06 Opening Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Nomination of Samuel A. Alito to be Associate Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court
1/6/06 Statement by Senator Feinstein in Advance of Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings for Judge Samuel A. Alito
1/5/06 FEMA Awards California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection $5.6 Million Grant for 2004 Fire in Shasta County
1/5/06 Statement by Senator Feinstein on the Governor’s Proposed Investment in California Infrastructure
1/3/06 Statement of Senator Feinstein on Changes to Homeland Security Grant Funding
1/3/06 Senators Feinstein, Boxer, Bipartisan Group of 6 California Representatives Urge FEMA, SBA to Assist in Prompt Preliminary Assessment of Northern California Flood Damage