Press Releases

January 2021

Date Title
1/27/21 Feinstein: Beating COVID-19 Depends on Continued Adherence to Guidelines
1/26/21 Feinstein Statement on Confirmation of Antony Blinken as Secretary of State
1/25/21 Feinstein Statement on Confirmation of Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary
1/25/21 Feinstein, Padilla, Pelosi to Biden Administration: Help States Combat Unemployment Benefits Fraud
1/25/21 Feinstein, Sherman Bill Makes Terrain Awareness Equipment Mandatory on Helicopters
1/23/21 Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats Seek Answers About DOJ’s Role In Trump Attempt to Overturn 2020 Election
1/22/21 Feinstein Statement on Confirmation of Lloyd Austin as Defense Secretary
1/22/21 Feinstein Thanks California National Guard for Protecting National Capitol
1/21/21 Feinstein Applauds Biden Push for New START Extension
1/20/21 Feinstein Supports Biden Immigration Policies
1/20/21 Feinstein Supports Biden’s Quick Moves to Restore U.S. Leadership on Climate Change
1/20/21 Feinstein Welcomes Padilla to Senate
1/19/21 Feinstein, Baldwin, Murphy, Colleagues Support Biden Plan to Utilize Defense Production Act, Increase Supply of Necessary Medical Equipment and Supplies
1/19/21 Feinstein Statement in Support of Mayorkas DHS Nomination
1/19/21 Feinstein Remarks Supporting Yellen Nomination to be Treasury Secretary
1/15/21 Feinstein Statement on Crossfire Hurricane Transcripts
1/15/21 Feinstein, Heinrich, Colleagues Call for Strengthened Regulations of Methane Emissions from Oil, Natural Gas Production
1/14/21 Feinstein, Blumenthal, Colleagues Call for Investigation Into White Supremacy, Extremism in the Military
1/14/21 Feinstein Supports Congressional Waiver for Lloyd Austin to Serve as Defense Secretary
1/14/21 Feinstein: DOJ Role in Ordering Separation of Families at Border ‘Unconscionable’
1/14/21 Feinstein: Changing Mojave Desert Plan Now Makes No Sense
1/13/21 Feinstein to CDC: Issue Vaccine Distribution Guidelines to Prevent Wasted Doses
1/13/21 Feinstein, Reed, Colleagues Call for FEMA Cost-Sharing Waiver To Help States Combat COVID-19
1/11/21 Feinstein, Schumer, Murray, Colleagues Call on Trump Administration to Address Vaccine Distribution Failures
1/11/21 Feinstein Calls for Maximum Safety Measures at Presidential Inauguration