Press Releases

September 2020

Date Title
9/30/20 Feinstein to Commerce Secretary: Adhere to Court Decision on Census Deadline
9/30/20 Judiciary Committee Democrats to Chairman Graham: Delay Barrett Nomination
9/29/20 Feinstein, Merkley, Colleagues Urge Trump Administration to Support the Belarusian People Amid Authoritarian Crackdown
9/29/20 Feinstein, Harris to Trump: Grant ‘Major Disaster Declaration’ for California Fires
9/29/20 Feinstein, Brown, Baldwin Call on Trump Administration to Protect Workers Amid COVID-19
9/29/20 Feinstein Calls for Report on Effect of Wildfire Risk on Fire Insurance Rates
9/28/20 Feinstein, Harder Urge Congress to Extend Deadline for Coronavirus Relief Funds
9/26/20 Feinstein on Nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court
9/25/20 Feinstein to Californians: Please Complete Census Forms This Weekend
9/25/20 Feinstein, Carbajal, Lowenthal Oppose Kern County Oil, Gas Lease Sale
9/25/20 Feinstein: Next Justice Could be Deciding Vote to Protect Abortion Rights
9/25/20 Feinstein, Wyden, Merkley, Colleagues Call on Trump to Further Mobilize Federal Response to Unprecedented Wildfires Ravaging the West
9/24/20 Feinstein Bill Would Help West LA VA Campus House More Homeless Vets
9/24/20 Feinstein, Barragán Bill Would Designate USS Iowa as National Surface Navy Museum
9/24/20 Feinstein Speaks on Rush to Replace Ginsburg, Risk to ACA from Trump Nominee
9/24/20 Feinstein: Trump Comments on Peaceful Transfer of Power Highlight Importance of Supreme Court Vacancy
9/24/20 Feinstein, Menendez Introduce Bill to Stop Fraudulent Online Gun Sales
9/23/20 Feinstein Statement on Ginsburg, Republican Rush to Confirm a Nominee Before Election
9/23/20 Feinstein Slams Plan to Rush Supreme Court Nominee Hearing
9/23/20 Feinstein Supports Newsom Order for All New California Vehicles to be Zero Emissions by 2035
9/22/20 Feinstein on 200,000 COVID-19 Deaths in U.S.
9/22/20 Feinstein: Next Supreme Court Justice Could be Deciding Vote in November to Strike Down Health Care Law
9/22/20 Feinstein Welcomes State Designation of Joshua Trees as Endangered Species
9/21/20 Feinstein: Next Justice Could Determine Fate of Critical Rights and Protections
9/20/20 Feinstein: Supreme Court Nominations Must Have Level Playing Field