Press Releases

May 2020

Date Title
5/21/20 Feinstein Supports New START Extension
5/21/20 Senators Introduce Gun Safety Bill to Ensure Completion of Background Checks
5/21/20 Feinstein: Subpoena Authorization is Political ‘End-Run’ Around Judiciary Committee Rules
5/21/20 Feinstein, Cornyn, Carper, Colleagues Urge Support for Independent Music Venues During Pandemic
5/21/20 Feinstein Statement on Ratcliffe DNI Vote
5/20/20 Feinstein: Voting Rights Must Not be Weakened During Coronavirus Pandemic
5/20/20 Feinstein, Blumenthal, Colleagues Introduce Legislation to Expand, Improve Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
5/20/20 Feinstein Remarks on Cory Wilson Nomination for 5th Circuit Court
5/19/20 DHS Will Examine Coronavirus Policy in Detention After Senators Raised Concerns
5/19/20 Feinstein Supports Relief for States, Localities
5/19/20 Feinstein on Federal Court Advancing California Endangered Species Lawsuit
5/18/20 Feinstein, Cornyn, Colleagues Urge SBA to Make Nonprofit Educational Institutions Eligible for Relief Funds
5/15/20 Bipartisan Group of Senators Urge Congress to Support Vulnerable Students Amid Coronavirus Crisis
5/15/20 Feinstein to Netanyahu: Don’t Annex West Bank
5/14/20 Senators Introduce Bill to Ban Untraceable ‘Ghost’ Guns
5/14/20 Feinstein, Durbin, Colleagues Introduce Resolution to Reaffirm Commitment to Global Effort to Find Coronavirus Vaccine
5/14/20 Feinstein, Cornyn, Harris Bill Makes California, Texas Doctors Eligible for Loan Forgiveness
5/13/20 Feinstein, Booker Introduce Bill to Help State, Local Prisons Test, Treat COVID-19
5/13/20 Feinstein, King Call on DNI Nominee Ratcliffe to Clarify Position on U.S. Use of Torture
5/13/20 Feinstein Announces $788 Million for California to Expand Coronavirus Testing
5/12/20 Feinstein Statement on Fauci Testimony
5/12/20 Feinstein, Klobuchar, Murray, Colleagues Urge Administration to Keep Voters and Election Officials Safe Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
5/12/20 Feinstein Op-Ed Lays Out Key Steps to Reopen Nation
5/12/20 Feinstein Statement on Kabul Attack
5/12/20 EPA Dedicates $300 Million to Combat Tijuana River Pollution