Press Releases

October 2020

Date Title
10/16/20 Feinstein, Van Hollen, Carper, Colleagues Urge Trump Administration to Stop Rollback of Protections for Migratory Birds
10/16/20 Feinstein Statement on California Wildfire Disaster Declaration
10/16/20 Feinstein, Reed, Colleagues Seek Funding for Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program
10/15/20 Feinstein: Supreme Court Nomination Process ‘Unprecedented,’ Should be Delayed
10/15/20 Feinstein to Vote No on Barrett Nomination; Democrats Showed What’s at Stake in Hearing
10/14/20 Feinstein Announces Supreme Court Nomination Witnesses
10/14/20 Feinstein on Violence in Nagorno-Karabakh
10/14/20 Feinstein on Rise in COVID-19 Cases: ‘Warning of Things to Come’
10/14/20 Excerpts From Feinstein Questioning of Barrett (High-Resolution Video Links)
10/13/20 Feinstein Questioning of Barrett Excerpts (High-Resolution Video Links)
10/12/20 Feinstein: Holding Barrett Markup Before Hearing is Finished Ignores Rules, Tradition
10/12/20 Feinstein Remarks at Judge Barrett’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings
10/12/20 Feinstein Excerpts on Barrett Confirmation (High-Resolution Video Links)
10/11/20 Judiciary Committee Democrats to Justice Department: Provide Materials Still Missing From Barrett’s Questionnaire
10/8/20 Feinstein: A Barrett Supreme Court Would Erase LGBT Gains
10/8/20 Feinstein: Conservative Court Could Undermine Voting Rights
10/8/20 Feinstein to Chevron: Support Methane Emission Regulations, Stop Drilling in Arctic
10/7/20 Feinstein: Rushed Supreme Court Process Ignores Public Health, Safety
10/6/20 Feinstein: Conservative Supreme Court Could Radically Change Immigration Policy
10/6/20 Judiciary Committee Democrats to Justice Department: Provide Missing Barrett Materials
10/6/20 Feinstein, Warren, Capito, Clark, Stivers Question DEA Delay on Critical Opioid Regulations
10/5/20 Feinstein: Conservative Court Could Deny Health Care to Millions During Pandemic
10/3/20 Judiciary Committee Democrats to Chairman Graham: Supreme Court Hearing Would Endanger Health, Safety
10/2/20 Feinstein Statement on President Trump
10/2/20 Feinstein, Warner, Kaine Request DOD Update on Implementation of Military Housing Reforms