Press Releases

October 2017

Date Title
10/5/17 Feinstein to Trump: Don’t Abandon Iran Nuclear Agreement
10/4/17 Feinstein, Colleagues Urge FTC to Prevent Second Round of Identity Theft and Fraud
10/4/17 Feinstein, Colleagues Introduce Bill to Close Automatic Weapon Loophole
10/4/17 Feinstein, Senators Introduce Bipartisan Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform Package
10/3/17 Feinstein: Close Automatic Weapon Loophole
10/3/17 Feinstein, Harris Urge DACA Recipients to Mail Renewal Applications Today
10/3/17 Feinstein Speaks on DACA, DREAM Act
10/2/17 Feinstein Statement on Las Vegas Shooting

September 2017

Date Title
9/28/17 Feinstein, Colleagues To Trump: We Must Do More For Puerto Rico And USVIs
9/27/17 Feinstein: Republican Plan is Massive Tax Cut for the Wealthy
9/27/17 Feinstein Statement on Refugee Ceiling
9/26/17 Feinstein Resolution Would Designate September ‘National Workforce Development Month’
9/26/17 Feinstein: Graham-Cassidy Rightly Consigned to ‘Dustbin of History’
9/26/17 Feinstein Speaks on Special Counsel Bills
9/25/17 Feinstein to California House Republicans: Oppose Graham-Cassidy
9/25/17 Feinstein: Protect Senate Power on Judicial Nominees
9/22/17 Cadiz Could Contaminate Southern California Water Supply, Endanger Health of Millions
9/21/17 Feinstein Statement on District Court Nominee Jeff Mateer
9/20/17 Bipartisan Group of Senators To Congress: Permanent Wildfire Funding Fix Must be a Top Priority
9/19/17 Feinstein Statement on Trump UN Speech
9/19/17 Feinstein Joins Bipartisan Effort to Extend Critical Funding for Community Health Centers before End of Month Deadline
9/19/17 Feinstein: Graham-Cassidy Attacks California
9/18/17 Feinstein Joins Senate Resolution Recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month
9/18/17 Feinstein on Trump’s Dangerous Clinton Obsession
9/18/17 Feinstein on Latest Republican Health Care Bill