Press Releases

December 2018

Date Title
12/20/18 Senators Urge Trump Administration to Stop Pushing Health Plans That Weaken Pre-Existing Condition Protections
12/20/18 Feinstein Statement on Whitaker Failure to Recuse
12/19/18 Senators to Trump Administration: Protect Rights of Transgender Federal Employees
12/18/18 Feinstein Statement on New Report on Trump Organization Foreign Deals
12/18/18 Feinstein: Ceasefire in Yemen Port City Hopefully Leads to Peace
12/18/18 Feinstein Statement on Regulation to Ban Bump Stocks
12/17/18 Feinstein Requests Answers on Death of Jakelin Caal Maquin
12/15/18 Feinstein Statement on ACA Court Ruling
12/14/18 Senate Approves Resolution Honoring Rebecca Weichhand
12/14/18 Feinstein, Harris to Amtrak: Keep Call Center Jobs in California
12/13/18 Feinstein Supports Tuolumne River Agreement, Water for Salmon
12/13/18 Senators call on Trump to Preserve INF, Avoid Nuclear Arms Race with Russia
12/13/18 Feinstein: West Bank Violence Won’t Bring Peace
12/13/18 Feinstein: It’s Past Time to End Support for Saudi Arabia’s War in Yemen
12/12/18 Feinstein: Keep Dark Money Out of Elections
12/12/18 Senate Approves New Protections for Individuals Involved in Reporting Child Abuse
12/12/18 Feinstein Statement on American Media Inc. Implicating Trump Campaign in Felony
12/12/18 Senators Demand Briefing From Pompeo on Julian Assange's Presence in Ecuadorian Embassy
12/12/18 Feinstein, Cornyn Bill to Modernize CyberTipline Heads to President’s Desk
12/11/18 Feinstein, Harris to DeVos: Protect 4,000 Students Affected by Education Corporation of America Closure
12/11/18 Senators Urge FAA to Implement and Improve Airport Contract Tower Program
12/11/18 Feinstein: Farm Bill is Big Win for California
12/10/18 Feinstein: Cadiz Can’t Hide Behind Faulty Environmental Review
12/7/18 Feinstein Calls for Action on Climate Change
12/7/18 Senators Call to Protect Text Messages from Unreasonable Blocking and Discrimination