Press Releases

October 2018

Date Title
10/22/18 Feinstein: Strategic Mistake to Abandon Nuclear Treaty
10/22/18 Feinstein: Forest Service Must Use New Tools to Reduce Wildfire
10/19/18 Feinstein Statement on Russian Interference in 2018 Elections
10/17/18 Democrats Call on DeVos to Release Information on Failure to Faithfully Implement the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
10/16/18 Senators Urge Halt of EPA Methane Standards Roll Back
10/16/18 Feinstein Statement on Jamal Khashoggi
10/15/18 Senators Call Out NRA for Using Shell Corporation to Duck Campaign Finance Law
10/12/18 Bipartisan Senators to NIH: Improve Racial, Ethnic Minority Representation in Clinical Trials
10/12/18 Feinstein: Anyone Complicit with Khashoggi Disappearance Must be Held Accountable
10/12/18 Feinstein, Nadler Request Unredacted “Zero Tolerance” Memo
10/11/18 Feinstein on Ninth Circuit Nominees
10/10/18 Feinstein: Water Bill Vital for California
10/9/18 Senator Feinstein to Forest Service: Don’t Sell Horses for Slaughter
10/6/18 Feinstein Statement on Kavanaugh Confirmation
10/5/18 Feinstein Speaks Against Kavanaugh Nomination
10/4/18 Judiciary Committee Democrats: Missing Witnesses, Constraints Undermine FBI’s Kavanaugh Investigation
10/4/18 Feinstein on FBI Investigation: Incomplete, Limited
10/3/18 Congress Takes Action to Stem Tide of Opioid Addiction
10/3/18 Feinstein Supports FAA Reauthorization
10/3/18 Feinstein: Investigation Not Credible Without Ford, Kavanaugh Interviews
10/3/18 Senate Democrats Introduce Native American Voting Rights Act
10/3/18 Feinstein to Grassley: Hold Oversight Hearing on Trump Administration Treatment of Children
10/3/18 Feinstein Statement on ‘Appalling’ Republican Attacks on Sexual Assault Survivors
10/3/18 Feinstein Bill to Protect Churches, Mosques, Synagogues From Threats Becomes Law
10/2/18 Senate Committee Advances Feinstein’s California Desert Bill