Press Releases

September 2019

Date Title
9/18/19 Feinstein Joins Hirono and Senate Democrats Urge Trump Administration to Rescind Termination of the Filipino World War II Veteran Parole Program
9/18/19 Feinstein on President’s Comments About Homelessness in California
9/18/19 Feinstein Supports California Lawsuit to Maintain Vehicle Emission Standards
9/17/19 Feinstein to Administration: Don’t Revoke California’s Vehicle Emission Authority
9/17/19 Feinstein, Hirono, Colleagues Introduce Legislation to Block Implementation of Trump Administration’s “Public Charge” Rule
9/16/19 Feinstein Statement on Kavanaugh Allegations
9/15/19 Feinstein, Congressmen Joint Statement on Planned Veto of SB1
9/12/19 Feinstein Applauds House Passage of Offshore Drilling Ban
9/12/19 Feinstein, Udall, Senators Introduce Legislation to Fight Methane Pollution from Pipelines
9/12/19 Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Energy and Water Bill
9/12/19 Feinstein Secures Funding for Earthquake Repairs to China Lake
9/12/19 Feinstein Agrees with Companies: Act Now on Gun Violence
9/11/19 Feinstein on White House, California Homeless
9/11/19 House Judiciary Committee Passes Three Key Gun Reform Bills
9/11/19 Feinstein, Hirono, Colleagues Demand Answers from Commerce IG on Reports of Suppression and Retaliation at NOAA
9/11/19 Feinstein Supports Ban on Flavored E-cigarettes
9/10/19 LA County Board of Supervisors Supports Feinstein Bill to Protect Migrant Children
9/10/19 Feinstein, Durbin Call on Trump Administration to Consult Congress about Refugee Resettlement, as Required by Law
9/10/19 Feinstein: Congress Must Act on Commonsense Gun Safety Legislation
9/6/19 Feinstein on Plans to Gut California’s Legal Authority on Tailpipe Emissions
9/6/19 Senate Democrats Push for Action on North Korea Violations of U.N. Resolutions
9/4/19 Feinstein, Schatz, Leahy, Durbin, Colleagues Demand Answers on Plans to Raid Military Projects to Pay for Border Wall
9/4/19 Feinstein: Don’t Slash Military Projects for Unnecessary Border Wall
9/3/19 Feinstein to CFPB: Why Shift from Proven Consumer Protections?
9/3/19 U.S. Conference of Mayors Endorses Feinstein Bill to Combat Homelessness