Press Releases

January 2020

Date Title
1/15/20 Feinstein Requests HHS Plan to Protect Against Infectious Disease Outbreaks
1/14/20 Feinstein on Preparations for Impeachment Trial
1/14/20 Feinstein on Kaine’s Iran Resolution
1/13/20 Feinstein, Murray, Democrats Slam FDA E-Cigarette Policy Riddled With Loopholes for Kid-Appealing Flavors
1/13/20 Feinstein, Harris Senate Colleagues Call on Trump Administration to Extend Humanitarian Protections for Somali Nationals
1/9/20 Feinstein: Senate Must Conduct Full, Fair Impeachment Trial
1/8/20 Feinstein to DHS: Don’t Deport Asylum Seekers to Dangerous Northern Triangle Countries
1/8/20 Feinstein on Lowering Tensions with Iran
1/8/20 Feinstein Applauds Newsom’s Actions to Combat Homelessness
1/7/20 Feinstein: U.S. Needs Iran Strategy to Avoid War
1/7/20 Feinstein: More Federal Action on Homelessness
1/6/20 Feinstein: Senate Should Subpoena Bolton
1/6/20 Feinstein, Collins Welcome 26th Woman Senator
1/3/20 Feinstein: Court Should Uphold Roe, Reject Senate Republicans’ Amicus Brief
1/2/20 Feinstein Urges Senate Support for Impeachment Witnesses, Documents

December 2019

Date Title
12/31/19 Members Oppose Proposal to Increase Fees for Citizenship, Asylum Seekers
12/31/19 Feinstein on Embassy Attack in Iraq
12/30/19 Feinstein Condemns Anti-Semitic Attacks
12/23/19 Feinstein Calls on Commerce Secretary to Accelerate Designation of Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary
12/23/19 Feinstein Applauds Rite Aid for Commitment to Promote Breast Cancer Research Stamp
12/23/19 Feinstein on Departure of Boeing CEO
12/20/19 Congress Approves Record-Level Climate Emergency Funding
12/20/19 Senate Passes Bipartisan ‘One Health’ Awareness Month Resolution
12/19/19 Feinstein, Wyden, Murrary, Colleagues Demand HHS Rescind Rule Allowing Taxpayer-Funded Discrimination
12/19/19 Feinstein to California, Trump Administration: Work Together on California Water