Press Releases

September 2019

Date Title
9/24/19 Feinstein: Don’t Threaten California’s Highway Funds
9/24/19 Senate Judiciary Democrats: Committee Must Investigate Whistleblower Report
9/24/19 Feinstein, Durbin, Leahy, Colleagues Call on Ambassador to Hungary to Uphold Democratic, Security Norms
9/24/19 States With Weak Gun Laws Suffer From More Gun Violence
9/24/19 Feinstein Statement on San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds Lawsuit
9/24/19 Studies: Gun Massacre Deaths Dropped During Assault Weapons Ban, Increased After Expiration
9/23/19 Studies Show Gun Ownership Correlates with More Shootings, Not Fewer
9/23/19 Fact: Arming More People Doesn’t Make Us Safer
9/21/19 Feinstein to AG Barr: Transmit Whistleblower Report, DOJ Guidance ASAP
9/20/19 Senate Judiciary Leaders Call for Consultation Before Administration Sets Refugee Threshold
9/20/19 Feinstein Announces New Judiciary Committee Staff Director
9/20/19 Feinstein on Climate Change Marches
9/20/19 Mass Shootings Involving Assault Weapons Kill More People Than Other Weapons
9/20/19 Extreme Risk Gun Laws Constitutional, Effective
9/19/19 Feinstein to Trump: On Homelessness, ‘Work With Us, Not Against Us’
9/19/19 Committee Includes Feinstein Salton Sea Provision in Ag Funding Bill
9/19/19 Feinstein Joins Cantwell, Colleagues in Questioning Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Commitment to Policing Energy Market
9/18/19 Feinstein Applauds Newsom’s Executive Order on E-cigarettes
9/18/19 Feinstein Joins Hirono and Senate Democrats Urge Trump Administration to Rescind Termination of the Filipino World War II Veteran Parole Program
9/18/19 Feinstein to DOJ: Investigation into Automakers ‘Politically Motivated’
9/18/19 Feinstein Statement on Janet Napolitano
9/18/19 Feinstein Supports California Lawsuit to Maintain Vehicle Emission Standards
9/18/19 Feinstein Welcomes Authorization of More Efficient, Sustainable Fishing Gear
9/18/19 Feinstein on President’s Comments About Homelessness in California
9/17/19 Feinstein to Administration: Don’t Revoke California’s Vehicle Emission Authority