Press Releases

October 2019

Date Title
10/21/19 Feinstein Calls on Retailers, Banks to Promote Breast Cancer Research Stamp
10/17/19 Feinstein on Cummings: Eloquent Champion Who Will be Missed
10/16/19 Feinstein On House Committee Passage of E-Cigarette Bill
10/16/19 Feinstein to Trump: Listen to Advisors, Bring Kurds Back Into Fold
10/16/19 Feinstein, Graham Introduce Private Immigration Bill for California Patient Maria Isabel Bueso
10/15/19 Feinstein Statement on PFAS Contamination in California Drinking Water
10/13/19 Feinstein on U.S. Abandonment of Kurdish Allies in Northern Syria
10/11/19 Feinstein: Former EPA Officials Correct, Attacks on California Must Be Investigated
10/10/19 Feinstein Supports Sanctions Against Turkey, Blames Trump for Casualties in Syria
10/10/19 Senate Judiciary Democrats to Assistant AG: Why Didn’t DOJ Investigate President’s Actions?
10/10/19 Community Resources for Power Shutoffs
10/9/19 Feinstein on Turkish Offensive in Northern Syria
10/8/19 Feinstein Secures Measures in Senate Funding Bills to Address Tijuana River Pollution
10/8/19 Feinstein Statement on Graham Inviting Rudy Giuliani to Testify
10/7/19 Feinstein: The President Must Stop Enlisting Foreign Interference in Our Elections
10/4/19 Feinstein: Court Must Respect Precedent, Reject Attempts to Restrict Abortion Access
10/3/19 Feinstein, Harris to Inspector General: Investigate White House Role in EPA Attacks on California
10/2/19 Feinstein: President’s Rhetoric Has No Place in Our Democracy
10/2/19 Feinstein Statement on Anniversary of Khashoggi Murder
10/2/19 Feinstein: Net Neutrality Ruling Win For California, Consumers
10/1/19 Feinstein, Blumenthal, Colleagues Introduce Bills to Ban Private Ownership, Trade of Big Cats, Primates

September 2019

Date Title
9/30/19 Senate Judiciary Democrats: Committee Must Protect Witnesses From Presidential Intimidation
9/30/19 Amendment to Bar Family Separations Passes Appropriations Committee
9/27/19 Feinstein Calls for Investigation into Political Interference by EPA
9/27/19 Senate Judiciary Democrats to Menashi: Disclose Involvement in Zelensky Call, Whistleblower Complaint