Press Releases

July 2019

Date Title
7/26/19 Feinstein, Toomey Renew Bipartisan Effort to Repeal Ethanol Mandate
7/26/19 Democrats Call for Reversal of Trump Administration’s Gag Rule
7/26/19 Feinstein to Graham: Reconsider Decision to Disregard Committee Rules
7/25/19 Feinstein Applauds Fuel Economy Agreement Between California, Major Automakers
7/25/19 Feinstein Speaks Against Bill Ending Protections for Immigrant Children and Families
7/25/19 Feinstein, Coons, Panetta Introduce Bill to Price Carbon Pollution, Rebate Cost to Families
7/25/19 Senate Declares July 26 ‘United States Intelligence Professionals Day’
7/25/19 Feinstein on Resumption of Federal Death Penalty
7/24/19 Feinstein, Grassley, Leahy, Cornyn Introduce Bill to Reinforce Transparency in Wake of Supreme Court FOIA Decision and Recent Regulations
7/24/19 Women Senators Introduce Bill Requiring Equal Pay, Resources for U.S. National Teams
7/24/19 Feinstein, Schatz, Colleagues Bill Would Block Trump Administration From Obtaining, Politicizing Citizenship Information
7/23/19 Judiciary Committee Democrats Condemn Proposal To Zero Out Refugee Admissions
7/23/19 Feinstein:FBI Not Biased Against President Trump
7/23/19 Feinstein Provision in Recently Passed Opioid Bill Will Help Stop Flood of Pills
7/23/19 Feinstein Asks Wray for Intelligence Not Included in Final Mueller Report
7/22/19 Senators Reintroduce Bipartisan Bill to Combat Addiction-Driven Human Trafficking
7/22/19 Feinstein on Fast-Track Deportation Process
7/19/19 Senate Democrats To President Trump: You Must Abide By Congressional Restrictions And Use Emergency Border Funds Only For Humanitarian Purposes
7/18/19 Feinstein Speaks on Money Laundering, Corruption Bill
7/18/19 Feinstein Statement on Chevron Oil Spill
7/18/19 Feinstein, Blackburn Convene First Judiciary Committee Tech Task Force Meeting
7/18/19 Feinstein Expresses Concern Over Potential New Digital Currency
7/17/19 Feinstein on Passing of Justice Stevens
7/17/19 Feinstein on Forest Service Agreeing to Continue Wildfire Agreement with California
7/17/19 Feinstein to Host 2019 Lake Tahoe Summit