Press Releases

May 2019

Date Title
5/22/19 Feinstein Calls on Trump to Press Abe on Parental Child Abductions
5/22/19 Feinstein, Harris, Senate Democrats Highlight Support for Women’s Reproductive Rights
5/22/19 Feinstein Speaks on Bress Ninth Circuit Nomination
5/22/19 Senators Call on Red Cross, DHS to Investigate Conditions at Border Detention Facilities
5/21/19 Feinstein, Murkowski Lead Senate Effort to Celebrate 100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment
5/21/19 Feinstein Statement on Ninth Circuit Nominee Daniel Collins
5/17/19 Feinstein, Cornyn Bill to Help Fight Rape Kit Backlog Passes Senate
5/16/19 Feinstein Statement on DOT Cancellation of High Speed Rail Funds
5/16/19 Feinstein Statement on Jeffrey Rosen
5/16/19 Feinstein on 65th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education
5/16/19 Feinstein Applauds Newsom’s Budget to Fight Homelessness
5/16/19 Feinstein: Don’t Confirm D.C. Lawyer to California’s Seat on Ninth Circuit
5/16/19 Feinstein: California Senate Committee Vote Win for Mojave Desert
5/15/19 Feinstein Statement on Passing of Alice Rivlin
5/15/19 Feinstein: War with Iran Isn’t Inevitable, in Anyone’s Interest
5/15/19 Senators Introduce Legislation to Support Survivors of Sexual Assault on College Campuses
5/15/19 Feinstein: Governor Should Veto Alabama Abortion Bill
5/15/19 Feinstein to Forest Service: Don’t Change Wildfire Agreement Mid-Year
5/14/19 Bipartisan Bill Reauthorizes Breast Cancer Research Stamp
5/14/19 Feinstein Statement on 5G National Security Concerns
5/14/19 Bipartisan Resolution Supporting American Flower Industry Introduced
5/14/19 Senators Introduce Bill to Strengthen Election Interference Law
5/14/19 Feinstein to Trump: Don’t Divert DOD Funds for Border Wall
5/14/19 Feinstein to Armed Services Committee: Include Military Housing Bill in NDAA
5/13/19 Orange County Supervisors Unanimously Support Feinstein Homeless Bill