Press Releases

February 2019

Date Title
2/13/19 Feinstein, Merkley, Durbin and Brown Lead Senate Democrats in Opposition to Trump CFPB’s Payday Predator Protection Plan
2/13/19 Feinstein, Wyden, Merkley Press U.S. Forest Service for Update on Wildfire Prevention and Fuels Treatment Efforts Following Trump Shutdown
2/12/19 Feinstein, Collins Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Opposing Another Government Shutdown
2/12/19 Feinstein, Menendez, Introduce Bill to Block Trump Admin Push to Allow Proliferation of 3D Printable Guns
2/12/19 Feinstein, Harris, Lowenthal, Meng Lead Lawmakers in Oversight Letter to Administration on DACA Recipients’ Ability to Travel Abroad
2/12/19 Feinstein on Homeland Security Funding Deal
2/12/19 Senate Passes Feinstein Bill Completing 25-year Effort to Protect California Desert
2/12/19 Feinstein: California’s Public Lands Win Big in Senate Lands Package
2/11/19 Feinstein: President Trump’s Tax Cuts Punish California Families
2/7/19 Senators Reintroduce Legislation to Strengthen Labor Protections for Farmworkers
2/7/19 Senators Introduce ANTIQUITIES Act to Protect America’s National Monuments from Unlawful Attacks
2/7/19 Senators Introduce Bill to Reform National Security Tariff Process
2/7/19 Democrats Introduce Legislation to Help Prevent Housing Discrimination
2/7/19 Feinstein on Barr Nomination
2/6/19 Feinstein to Interior: Assess Damage to National Parks During Shutdown
2/5/19 Senators Feinstein, Peters and Rep. Cummings Announce GAO Report Showing Trump Spent $13.6 Million in Tax Dollars on Mar-a-Lago Travel
2/5/19 Feinstein Votes Against Israel Anti-Boycott Legislation
2/4/19 Feinstein, Colleagues Introduce Legislation to Prevent Separation of Immigrant Families
2/4/19 Feinstein Statement on Latest Attack on Women’s Reproductive Health
2/4/19 Feinstein, Harris Introduce Bill to Establish Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta National Heritage Area
2/4/19 Senators Introduce Bill to Stop President from Raiding Funds for Border Wall
2/1/19 Feinstein: Abandoning INF Treaty Risks Nuclear Arms Race
2/1/19 Feinstein Introduces Bill to Protect Habitat Along Santa Ana River

January 2019

Date Title
1/31/19 Feinstein on Amendment Opposing Trump’s Precipitous Withdrawal from Syria, Afghanistan
1/31/19 Feinstein: Implement Farm Bill’s Drought Provisions to Protect Salton Sea