Press Releases

September 2018

Date Title
9/28/18 Feinstein, Menendez, Colleagues Introduce Hispanic Heritage Month Resolution
9/27/18 Feinstein Statement on Handling of Kavanaugh Sexual Battery Allegations
9/27/18 Feinstein Speaks on Brett Kavanaugh’s Credibility and Character
9/26/18 Feinstein, Durbin, Murray, Colleagues Urge HHS and DHS to Rescind Indefinite Family Detention Rule
9/26/18 Judiciary Committee Democrats to Grassley: Postpone Hearing, Support FBI Investigation
9/26/18 Members of Congress to Netanyahu: Don’t Demolish West Bank Village
9/26/18 Judiciary Committee Democrats to Trump: Withdraw Kavanaugh Nomination, Order FBI Investigation
9/25/18 Feinstein Statement on Scheduling of Kavanaugh Vote for Friday
9/25/18 Feinstein: President’s Iran Policy is Failing
9/23/18 Feinstein Calls for Postponement of Kavanaugh Nomination, FBI Investigation
9/21/18 Feinstein on Rushing Kavanaugh Hearing
9/21/18 Judiciary Committee Democrats to Grassley: Learn from Past Mistakes
9/21/18 Feinstein, Van Hollen, Coons Lead Letter from 34 Senators Opposing Cuts to Aid to Palestinians
9/21/18 Feinstein on Republican ‘Bullying’ of Sexual Assault Survivor
9/19/18 Resolution Recognizes American Workforce Development as ‘Backbone of Economy’
9/19/18 Feinstein: Scientific Study Confirms Cadiz is Selling ‘False Bill of Goods’
9/19/18 Senators: FAA Reauthorization Must Address Increased Airport Noise
9/18/18 Judiciary Committee Democrats: Reopen Kavanaugh FBI Background Investigation
9/18/18 Feinstein: Bill Prevents Government Shutdown, Makes Key Investments in California
9/18/18 Senate Passes Bill to Compensate Songwriters, Producers Fairly for Streaming Music
9/18/18 Feinstein Statement on Kavanaugh Hearing
9/18/18 Judiciary Committee Democrats to Grassley: Don’t Repeat Past Mistakes
9/18/18 Feinstein Urges Greater Transparency on Drug Pricing
9/18/18 Feinstein: Workers, Farmers Can’t Afford President Trump’s Trade War
9/18/18 Feinstein on Blasey Ford’s Call for FBI Investigation