Press Releases

January 2014

Date Title
1/17/14 Feinstein Statement on California Drought Declaration
1/16/14 Feinstein Statement on Passage of Omnibus Funding Bill
1/16/14 Feinstein on Secretary Clinton, Declassified Bipartisan Benghazi Report
1/16/14 Feinstein Statement on Future of Counternarcotics Efforts in Afghanistan
1/16/14 Feinstein, Boxer, Costa Call on President to Form Drought Task Force
1/16/14 Feinstein Announces Funding for LA Subway Projects
1/15/14 Feinstein on Iran: Give Diplomacy a Chance, Oppose Additional Sanctions
1/15/14 Intelligence Committee Releases Bipartisan Report on Benghazi Attacks
1/14/14 Feinstein Statement on Senate Unemployment Insurance Vote
1/14/14 Feinstein Announces Helicopter Noise Legislation in Appropriations Bill
1/14/14 Former FISA Court Judge Outlines Views on FISA Reform

December 2013

Date Title
12/23/13 Feinstein Statement on Energy Efficient Set-Top Boxes
12/20/13 Feinstein on President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications
12/20/13 Feinstein, McCain Provision Doubles Forest Service Air Tanker Fleet
12/20/13 Feinstein: Mandatory Labeling for Genetically Modified Foods
12/19/13 Feinstein Urges LA to Help Revive Ontario Airport, Inland Empire Economy
12/17/13 Feinstein Statement on NSA Call Records Ruling
12/13/13 Feinstein Statement on Anniversary of Sandy Hook Shooting
12/12/13 Feinstein, Alexander: Stop Airplane Cellphone Conversations
12/12/13 Feinstein, Coburn Intro Bipartisan Bill to Eliminate Corn Ethanol Mandate
12/12/13 Feinstein, Boxer: Increase Access, Affordability of Earthquake Insurance
12/12/13 Feinstein, Grassley Outline Steps to Combat West African Drug Trade
12/11/13 Feinstein Statement on FDA Antibiotics Ruling
12/9/13 Feinstein to Interior: Take Action to Stop Elephant, Rhinoceros Poaching
12/6/13 Feinstein, 31 Senators Urge Reauthorization of Unemployment Insurance