Press Releases

November 2016

Date Title
11/6/16 Feinstein Statement on Hillary Clinton Emails

October 2016

Date Title
10/28/16 Feinstein Statement on Clinton Emails
10/26/16 Feinstein, Boxer to Introduce Bill on National Guard Bonuses
10/25/16 Senators Urge Inclusion of Workplace Protections in Defense Bill
10/25/16 Statement on Actions to Assist California National Guard Members
10/24/16 Defense Secretary Should Halt Collection of National Guard Bonuses
10/18/16 Feinstein Responds to Report by Aliso Canyon Task Force
10/14/16 Senators Call on U.N. to Take Action to Regulate Fentanyl
10/13/16 Feinstein Statement on Russian Hacking
10/13/16 FDA Admits Lack of Authority to Ensure Safety of Personal Care Products
10/7/16 President Signs Bill to Strengthen Wildlife Trafficking Penalties
10/7/16 Feinstein Statement on Arrest of Backpage CEO
10/7/16 Feinstein Statement on Russian Hacking
10/6/16 Feinstein Statement on Shooting Death of Sergeant Steve Owen
10/4/16 Feinstein Statement on Supreme Court’s New Term

September 2016

Date Title
9/29/16 Feinstein Secures Funding for Earthquake Upgrades to VA Facilities
9/28/16 Feinstein Statement on the Passing of Shimon Peres
9/28/16 Feinstein, Boxer, Becerra Honor Vin Scully
9/28/16 Senators Release Letter on Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act
9/28/16 Feinstein Statement on Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act
9/28/16 Feinstein Statement on Senate Bill to Prevent a Government Shutdown
9/27/16 Senate Democrats Call for Hearing and Vote on Garland Before Adjourning
9/23/16 GAO Report: Federal Buildings Don’t Meet Seismic-Safety Standards
9/22/16 Feinstein Testifies in Support of Personal Care Products Safety Act
9/22/16 Feinstein, Schiff Statement on Russian Hacking