Press Releases

August 2018

Date Title
8/15/18 Senate Democrats Demand Trump Admin Shield U.S. Troops from Predatory Lending & Financial Fraud
8/15/18 Members of Congress to DOD: Speed Up Conversion of Fire Tankers
8/14/18 Feinstein, Harris, Colleagues Call on DHS Sec Nielsen to Take Immediate Steps to Reunify Families
8/13/18 CA Congressional Delegation Raises Concerns with HHS Over Home Care Workers’ Rights
8/13/18 Feinstein, Harris, Davis, Colleagues Send Letter Urging Nelnet to Comply with California Student Loan Servicing Act
8/13/18 HHS Watchdog Reviewing Health and Safety Protocols at Migrant Facilities
8/10/18 Feinstein: Republicans Rushing Supreme Court Hearing to Avoid Transparency
8/10/18 Border Crossing Numbers Highlight Failures of President Trump’s Zero-Tolerance Policy
8/9/18 President Trump’s False Attacks on California are Inappropriate During Deadly Wildfires
8/8/18 Feinstein, Grassley Push for Meaningful Refugee Consultation with Administration
8/8/18 Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats File Freedom of Information Act Request for Kavanaugh Documents
8/7/18 Feinstein to Archivist: Reconsider Withholding Kavanaugh Records
8/7/18 Feinstein, Murray, Senate Democrats Condemn Trump Administration for Rescinding Civil Rights Guidance Promoting Diversity in Education
8/6/18 Senators: Reject Harmful King Amendment to Farm Bill
8/3/18 Feinstein, Grassley Seek Kavanaugh’s Files from Starr Investigation
8/3/18 Feinstein, Senators to Trump Administration: Restore Aid to Palestinians in Gaza
8/2/18 Senators to Zinke: Staking and Developing New Mining Claims Within National Monuments Is Illegal
8/2/18 Feinstein, Harris Lead Colleagues in Resolution to Protect National Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards
8/2/18 Feinstein: President Trump is Wrong on Fuel Economy Standards
8/2/18 Feinstein: Kavanuagh Records Must Not Be Hidden From American People
8/2/18 31 Senate Democrats Push Back on Trump Administration Attempts to Weaken the Volcker Rule
8/1/18 Feinstein Statement on 3D Gun Ruling

July 2018

Date Title
7/31/18 Judiciary Democrats Officially Request All Kavanaugh Documents from Archives
7/31/18 Feinstein on Facebook Deleting Election Interference Pages, Accounts
7/31/18 Democrats Condemn Trump-Pence Administration’s Proposed Damaging Changes to Title X Family Planning Program