Press Releases

September 2018

Date Title
9/12/18 Feinstein: Senate Funding Bill 'Big Win for California'
9/12/18 Feinstein, Colleagues Encourage Bold Action at Global Climate Summit
9/10/18 Senate Reaches Agreement on Bill to Address Opioid Crisis
9/10/18 32 Senators Urge EPA to Extend Comment Period for Proposed Rollback of Fuel Economy Standards
9/6/18 Feinstein, Harris, Murray Lead Senate Democrats in Letter to Protect Safety Laws for Truck Drivers
9/6/18 Feinstein Bill to Remove Driftnets from Federal Waters Passes Committee
9/6/18 Feinstein, Harris Call on Telecoms to Guarantee Service to First Responders During Emergencies
9/5/18 Senate Passes Bill to Protect Churches, Mosques and Synagogues from Threats
9/4/18 Judiciary Committee Democrats to Trump: Allow Release of Kavanaugh Documents
9/4/18 Western Senators: Keep Farm Bill Drought Provisions
9/4/18 Feinstein to President Trump: Fill Inspector General Vacancies
9/2/18 Feinstein Slams Decision to Kill Cadiz Bill in State Senate
9/1/18 Feinstein on Executive Privilege Claim Over Kavanaugh Documents

August 2018

Date Title
8/31/18 Feinstein, Harris to USDA: Don’t Remove Wildfire Planes from Service in California
8/30/18 Feinstein: California Senate Must Act to Protect Mojave Desert
8/30/18 Senate Democrats Condemn DeVos Proposed Rule As Giveaway to For-Profit Colleges
8/30/18 Feinstein Announces Supreme Court Nomination Witnesses
8/29/18 Feinstein: Arturo Rodriguez Spent His Career Serving Others, Championing Farmworkers
8/28/18 Senators Feinstein and Markey, Congresswoman Eshoo lead Colleagues in Amicus Brief Challenging the FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal
8/28/18 Judiciary Committee Democrats Protest Withholding of Kavanaugh Documents
8/27/18 Feinstein to Assembly: Pass Desert Protection Bill to Block Cadiz Water Project
8/27/18 Feinstein Calls on Bush Lawyer to Explain Altered Kavanaugh Documents
8/27/18 Feinstein: President Trump’s Aid Cuts Further Punish Palestinians
8/25/18 Feinstein: McCain was a Leader, Public Servant and Patriot
8/24/18 Judiciary Committee Democrats Call for Postponement of Kavanaugh Hearing